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24 Karat Gold Price As of Tuesday, 29 June 2021: Cut Everything!

by archyw

The price of 24 carat gold at the compact Pegadaian experienced a correction on the second trading day this week. Referring to the official Pegadaian website, Antam’s gold price fell by Rp. 1,000 from Rp. 975,000 per gram to Rp. 974,000 per gram on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

The price decline also applies to Antam’s smallest 0.5 gram precious metal, which has now fallen to Rp540,000. Antam’s gold price of 2 grams and 5 grams reached Rp. 1,885,000 and Rp. 4,635,000, respectively. Also Read: Win Big! Telkom Earns Bigger Profits Even though Revenue is Cut!

Following in the footsteps of Antam’s gold, the price of UBS gold has now decreased by Rp1,000 from Rp935,000 per gram to Rp934,000 per gram. The price of UBS gold per day reached IDR 499,000 for the 0.5 gram size and IDR 1,854,000 for the 2 gram size. Also Read: Antam’s Gold Price Today, 28 June 2021: Short Correction!

The following is a complete price list of Antam’s gold and UBS gold at Pegadaian today, Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

Weight (Grams) Emas Antam Not UBS
1 Rp974,000 Rp934,000
2 Rp1.885.000 Rp1.854.000
5 Rp4.635.000 Rp4.580.000
10 Rp9.210.000 Rp9.111.000
25 Rp22.893.000 Rp22,732,000
50 Rp45.702.000 Rp45.369.000
100 Rp91.323.000 Rp90.701.000
250 Rp228.028.000 Rp226,684,000
500 Rp455.837.000 Rp452.834.000
1.000 Rp911.631.000 Rp904.689.000

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