“2429 surrender”… Russia Occupies Mariupol | JTBC News

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Russia’s defense ministry said the last defenders had surrendered at the Azoustal Works in Mariupol, southern Ukraine.

According to the Associated Press on the 20th (local time), Russian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Konashenko said, “The last 531 people left today surrendered, so the Azoustal factory has been locked down since the 16th. “He said.

“The underground steelworks where the resistance forces were hiding has come under the full control of the Russian army,” he added.

Personnel who surrendered to the Russian army were taken prisoner and moved to a pro-Russian area in eastern Donbas, it said, and some were taken to hospitals.

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It is said that the commander of the Azou Regiment, who commanded the fight against Azoustal, was transported to a certain place in an armored vehicle.

Russia has announced that it will investigate and punish some of the Ukrainian garrison who protested at Azoustal as war criminals.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also released a video showing an unarmed Azoustal Army soldier coming out of an underground tunnel, revealing his identity to the Russian army and being searched. The BBC reported that it could not confirm the authenticity of the video while conveying this information.

After Russia took over Mariupol, which had been intensively attacking for about three months since February, Ukraine lost a major port city.

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Mariupol is located in the southernmost part of Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast. It has been a major target in that it is a key point connecting the Donbas conflict zone and the Crimean (Krum) peninsula that was annexed to Russia in 2014.

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Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with local television that he had allowed Azoustal soldiers to surrender, saying, “The military command has clearly ordered the soldiers to come out of Azoustal and defend their lives.”