25 dogs from Bulgarian transporters brought to the shelter

Bulg.  Tierrtransporter
Bulg. Animal transporter Leverkusen – Photo: police

Leverkusen – On Saturday afternoon (April 25), police officers in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf checked a Fiat Ducato that was used as an animal transporter and had Bulgarian approval. The police consulted the veterinary office in Leverkusen. This ordered the securing of a total of 25 dogs squeezed into the vehicle due to improper husbandry.

The emergency services filed a criminal complaint against the Bulgarian drivers (48, 56) on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act.

At around 12 noon, a woman from Leverkusen (52) had called the police from the gas station on Willy-Brandt-Ring and pointed out the men with the white van. In the very warm and excrement-smelling cargo hold, numerous animal cages were piled up, in which the sometimes larger dogs were confined and could hardly stand upright.

The animals also made a disturbed and anxious impression. Upon request, the drivers, barely able to speak the German language, presented an animal ID (pet passport) with a certificate of origin and vaccination for each of the dogs, as well as a veterinary transport permit from Bulgaria. They stated that they wanted to give away the street dogs collected in Bulgaria to interested private individuals in Holland for a voluntary association.

The patrol car crew accompanied the transfer of the dogs ordered by the municipal veterinary office to a Leverkusen animal shelter for the purpose of appropriate housing there. The two drivers deposited a security deposit before they were released. (cg)

Police Cologne


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