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2,574 new corona infections were reported in Austria on Monday.
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In Austria, 2,574 new infections with the corona virus were reported on Monday. 918 corona patients are treated in the hospital, 47 of them in the intensive care unit

2,574 new corona infections were registered on Monday compared to the previous day. That was below a seven-day average of 3,997, according to figures from the Interior and Health Ministries on Monday. According to the Gecko report of September 5, 2022, there are indications of a possible “twindemic” in the fall, meaning a simultaneous occurrence of rising Covid-19 and flu infection numbers. The reason for this is a “lack of mask hygiene”.

2,574 new corona infections
in Austria on Monday

New infections in the federal states since yesterday’s report:

  • Burgenland: 96
  • Carinthia: 218
  • Lower Austria: 523
  • Upper Austria: 492
  • Salzburg: 130
  • Styria: 198
  • Tyrol: 116
  • Vorarlberg: 81
  • Wien: 720

Make sure that corona masks are not worn much in autumn 2022

In the past two years, masks have been worn regularly since autumn, which means that cases of corona and flu have hardly occurred. “There is concern that masks will be worn less in the coming fall, so an increase in COVID-19 and influenza numbers can be expected,” the Gecko report said. An example of this is Australia, where the end of winter is currently approaching. The influenza wave there started two months earlier in the autumn, with a higher number of cases and a high burden among children. “Since the flu wave usually begins in Austria at the end of December, it can be assumed that there could be an increase in the number of cases as early as October this year,” the report assumed.

918 corona patients are in the hospitals

The number of hospital patients treated in connection with a Covid infection was 918 on Monday. That was 17 more cases compared to the previous day. 47 people were in the intensive care units with SARS-CoV2. This number remained the same compared to the previous day, but has decreased by 16 cases in a week. The Ministry of the Interior and Health did not report any deaths related to Corona on Monday.

Seven-day incidence fell slightly from 310.9 to 309.98

The seven-day incidence fell slightly from Sunday to Monday from 310.9 to 309.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The federal state with the highest incidence was Vienna with 384.3, followed by Lower Austria (379.4). Then came Upper Austria (296.5), Carinthia (293), Styria (270), Burgenland (256.3), Salzburg (236.9), Tyrol (208.9) and Vorarlberg (187.7).

The number of active corona cases rose by 37 from Sunday to Monday

The number of active cases rose by 37 from Sunday to Monday to 57,738 cases. In total, the Covid 19 pandemic has claimed 19,486 lives in Austria since it broke out. A total of 4,877,858 Austrians have recovered since the outbreak of the pandemic, 2,537 of them on Monday.

The positive rate of the PCR tests was 6.93 percent. In the past 24 hours, 40,446 rapid PCR and antigen tests were carried out, of which 37,139 were meaningful PCR tests. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have already been 4,955,082 confirmed cases in Austria.

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