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As the vaccination process against covid-19 advances in the world, the living conditions ‘for pandemics’ they seem to be progressively stabilizing.

The real estate sector, one of the most affected during this more than a year and a half of economic recession, seems to resume the traditional buying and selling rhythm. However, as the demand for own or rented housing increases, the huge prices they also return to the ring.

In Madrid, the capital of Spain, a tiny apartment of 26 square meters With conditions far from being ‘habitable’, it has put Internet users to debate about the viability of the ‘economic recovery’ that, according to official indicators, the city leads.

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In the ad information it is stated that the apartment is divided into two floors. The upper floor simply contains the bedroom with its respective closet; the rest of the spaces, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, are distributed on the ground floor.

Although the advertising organization assures that “despite its size it is a comfortable apartment and gives the feeling of spaciousness”, the strangest thing about the place, despite its high price, is that does not have windows.

From what can be seen in the images, the lighting of the place depends entirely on artificial lights. Also, there is concern about air circulation in a place where, for example, the bathroom and kitchen are not more than one meter away.

The tiny apartment is surprisingly a ‘duplex’.

26m2 apt bathroom

The bathroom is located one meter from the kitchen.

fit 26 m2

The kitchen does not have any smoke evacuation measures.

Fit 26 m2

The only room on the property is located on the second floor

Apto 26m2

Due to the original design, the bed has a folding cabin system to add another mattress.

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The contested apartment is located in the Chamberí neighborhood, a traditional residential sector far from being one of the most exclusive in Madrid.

According to data from the real estate portal itself, the average price per square meter in the area is 5,284 euros, approximately 24 million pesos. However, the property in question has a value of 8,461 euros, almost 40 million pesos.

One of the peculiarities that best reflects the unheard of this real estate offer is that the windowless apartment is located on Calle de Galileo, a road in honor of the Italian astronomer who, among other scientific contributions, improved the telescope.

Its location, as well as the price and comfort ratio, is everything a contradiction.

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