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26 years later, Nintendo will release a remake of Link's Awakening, Zelda's Game Boy episode – News

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It will not have escaped the historians that this insular chapter, whose singularity is that it does not unfold in Hyrule and does not replay the usual monomyth of the series (Zelda, Ganon and the others do not make appearance, no more than the Triforce), has already benefited from a DX version, for Deluxe, on the Game Boy Color – and later on eShop / Virtual Console. Only, the Switch edition will offer a complete redesign of the realization, in color but in 3D this time, while retaining the original spirit of fixed cameras from above or from the side – a graphic treatment that can evoke, rather, that of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

The missing link

Considered the missing link between a A Link to the Past (Super Famicom) which he was originally a portage, and Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64), Link's Awakening tells the story of Link who goes to sea, faces a storm that will destroy his ship and leads him to run aground on an unknown island. Collected by Marine, a villager, he discovers a region seemingly peaceful but nevertheless invaded by monsters. It is quickly made clear to him, without really giving any concrete explanation, that he will have to wake up the dream fish to get on his way. The sequence is very classic here: Link will recover eight magical instruments allowing the accomplishment of this quest, which corresponds to so many dungeons, pretexts to a complete exploration of the island.

Link's Awakening is also very strong in terms of openness and offers an offbeat tone previously unheard of in the Zelda. The title is full of nods to other Nintendo series: one of the main characters, Tarquin, looks pretty much like Mario (we find him also, as well as Marine, in the episodes N64 under the names Talon and Malon). You can get a stuffed Yoshi. An enemy clearly has Kirby's features, and features too: he has the ability to absorb Link. Wart, the final boss of Super Mario Bros. USA, makes a brief appearance where he learns a music for the ocarina of Link. Mr. Wright, the mayor of the SNES version of SimCity, makes a correspondence with a goat posing as Peach. Or the Chomp, here named "Toutou", that Link can even recover the time of a brief exit. Some sections of the game also feature side-view passages that include many elements of Super Mario, such as goombas, piranha, or Thwomp.



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