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26M: Colau: "Barcelona can not be the capital of a republic that does not exist" | Catalonia

The mayor of Barcelona and candidate of Barcelona in Common, Ada Colau.

"My children have saved my mental health." I said it before and repeat it now that it once again aspires to govern in Barcelona City Council. Ada Colau (Barcelona, ​​45 years old), the candidate of Barcelona in Common, comes to the final stage with four years of experience and an opponent to defeat: the Republican Ernest Maragall.

Question Awakens interest abroad and here generates a strong rejection in certain sectors. How do you live it?

Answer. The experience of Barcelona has aroused great international admiration, is consistent with the support I perceive in the street. The context was hard and polarized and we had interests that had not touched before. But I am very proud that Barcelona is a reference point for any democratic struggle for human rights.

P. Rents are still very high and the figures show more insecurity in the city.

R. About housing, of us is expected more than anyone. Citizens are clear that any political training will make housing more than we have done, has been a turning point. There had never been so much with so many resources. We have invented things that did not exist, such as an unnoticeable unit, and driven pioneering regulation that corresponds to private individuals and have to make 30% affordable housing. We have led the proposal of regulation of rents, which is on the table of the Government (Spanish). Much remains to be done, yes, but there are 40 years of speculative policies on the part of the administrations, 40 years in which public housing has not been seen and a red carpet has been placed on speculation.

"No training will make housing more than we have done"

P. And the thefts?

R. Barcelona is not an unsafe city, they call it the international rankings. Another thing is that we have specific problems: the narco-scripts in Ciutat Vella and the robberies and robberies, which are more than 90% of the crimes of the city. The reason is that the legal treatment has changed the last year and a half. Before there was an aggravation for recidivism, and the Supreme Court said that it could not be applied, so that the courts treated equally a small occasional burglary than the theft of organized gang professionals. Before the summer I saw the minister Miquel Buch and I told him that my brethren were needed, and said that it was not necessary. In recent months, Buch has disappeared from security in Barcelona. We have requested 150 of the 600 members who will leave the academy in June. He has not answered With the mandate of Torra there has been a paralysis in the Generalitat.

P. His opponents say he has the demoralized Urban Guard.

R. The Guàrdia Urbana has a better deal than ever, we have approved your agreement. It seems ugly and dangerous for parties to use security as an electoral tool.

P. Why did not you dare to restrict cars, as did Manuela Carmena in Madrid?

R. Be aware that central Madrid is the size of the Ciutat Vella district, which is already pacified. We have made a leap and created the zone of low emissions, which includes the whole city in the perimeter of the rounds, where in 2020 we will bring 50,000 cars, those that do not have an environmental label. We also want to transform the Eixample because one in three streets is green and pacify hundreds of school environments. It is a paradigm shift because the car is over-represented: it occupies 60% of the space and only makes 20% of journeys. Meanwhile, we have created alternatives: we have bent the bicycle lanes, we have invested in public transport, we have facilitated the transportation to those who give away old cars.

P. If it is not the most voted list, do you agree with Maragall?

R. I am winning and with more support than four years ago. In this campaign, it is becoming clear that only if we win, there will be a left-wing government in Barcelona, ​​we are the only guarantee of a progressive government. We will never rule with any right. We have ERC saying that it wants to reproduce the pact of the Generalitat, which has led to paralysis and cuts, and to move it to the City Council is the last thing that this city needs. And, on the other hand, Mr. Collboni, of the PSC, saying that his main objective is to get me out, even by agreeing with Citizens and the PP.

P. Barcelona could have the first independence mayor.

R. Maragall is presented as the option of a republican change in Barcelona. A gentleman who has been establishment Throughout his life, he has been in positions of public office for decades.

"Barcelona is a city that deserves to have its own project"

P. If he ends up working with him, what will be the red line in the independentist theme?

R. I will never accept that the Barcelona policy is subject to the national or independentist question.

The 'selfie' by Ada Colau.
The 'selfie' by Ada Colau.

P. It is almost impossible to stay away from the process.

R. I disagree. Barcelona is a city that deserves to have its own project. In an exceptional situation, I agree that it should not be kept aside. And we have not done it. We have defended a democratic axis. Barcelona does not believe that it has to be defined as being independentist or anti-independent. He has defended dialogue more than anyone in the toughest times, which is when it is needed.

P. But if the next day of the election has to work with Maragall, he will say that we are in the capital of the republic. So what will Ada Colau do?

R. I am convinced Republican, what I will not do is deceive the population and today Catalonia is not a republic, therefore, Barcelona can not be the capital of a republic that does not exist. But we will defend the republic more than ever. But, I insist, this does not have to decide the city model. Barcelona is a city with its own project that has many needs and challenges.

P. Earn or lose, stay in Barcelona?

R. I do not consider anything other than being the mayor of Barcelona for four more years.

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