28.00 JD Gold price of gold in Jordan

28.00 JD Gold price of gold in Jordan

JD 28.00 Gold price in Jordan According to the BBC News, Al Wassat newspaper reports that the price of gold in Jordan is 28.28 dinars. Al-Wasat – BBC News: The price of the 21-pound gold most demanded by citizens in the local market is now Monday 28.2 dinars per gram amid weak demand. According to the secretary of the association of the owners of jewelery and jewelry shops, Rabhi Alan, the price of the standard gold gram was 24 and 18, about 33 and 24.20 dinars, respectively. The price of the pound was 203 dinars, while the price of the pound was 229 dinars. Alan told Petra news agency that the price of the yellow metal reached global markets, even after Monday afternoon, 1344 dollars per ounce. Please if you like news 28.00 JD Gold price of gold in Jordan, participate in the news on social networking sites. You can also follow all news via Facebook and Twitter. Source : BBC News

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