29 year old pathologist with great influence

HEIDELBERG. The Heidelberg University Hospital has Dr. Elena-Sophie Prigge on one of the most influential personalities in Europe under the age of 30.

The scientist at the pathological institute of the university clinic has made it onto the new list of the US business magazine “Forbes”: The list “30 Under 30 Europe” names 30 young people from all over Europe under 30 years of age who are in special Weise excelled and successfully implemented their innovative ideas.

According to the university clinic, the 29-year-old doctor and her founding team “ViMREX” have developed a new local therapy for cancer precursors caused by human papillomaviruses. The team is currently preparing the first clinical trial of the drug under mentor Professor Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz.

The active ingredient erases important information on the virus’ genetic makeup, whereupon it loses its carcinogenic properties. “Dangerous changes in the affected tissue can thus be reversed.

This could save many patients surgical interventions in the future, “explains Prigge. With local therapy, patients could be treated more effectively, more sustainably and more cheaply, she hopes.

To date, there is no approved drug that can stop the development of HPV precancerous stages into invasive tumors. Prigges team has federal funding of 600,000 euros until 2017. (maw)

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