29 years, Phumpuang Duangchan, ‘Paowalee’ and ‘Tri’ brought money to Thap Kradan Temple.

Sunday, June 13, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Every June 13th will be the anniversary of the passing of Queen Lukthung Phum Phuang Moon in 2021, this will be 29 years, but due to the Covid-19 situation, the epidemic of Wat Thap Kradan therefore canceling the latest annual event, two artists representing the Grammy Gold camp, “Paowalee Phonphimon” and “Tree Chainarong” unite to bring the money received from the fans with the 28-year live concert of the moon…in the heart of the heart. Pumpuang Duangchan via the Grammy Gold fan page to give as money to maintain the temple to Thap Kradan Temple, Song Phi Nong District, Suphan Buri Province. The first thing to do is pay homage to the Buddha image at Sala Sutham Rat Bamrung. and offer alms Along with bringing the factors of 45,513 baht to offer to Phra Ajahn Phra Ajarn Prasong Kunakro, the abbot of Thap Kradan Temple. After that, the couple brought fruit. Marigold garland presented to Mae Phueng-Pumpuang Moon puppet at the waterfront pavilion.

Paowalee Pornphimon said, “Today is a great opportunity for Pao and Pi Tri to bring money from brothers, sisters, and music fans together to raise funds for last year’s Live concert. But with many things For example, last year was unable to come to Wat Thap Kradan, but today, this year, when everything is perfect. Both Pao and Pee Tri would like to represent the brothers and sisters of the Grammy Gold artists. And representatives of the fans brought all the money to the Abbot of Thap Kradan Temple. to build a toilet at Thap Kradan Temple according to the purpose of the next temple.”

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Tri Chainarong added that “And with this year, it is the 29th anniversary of the passing of Mae Phueng-Pumpuang Duang. On June 13th from 5 p.m., both myself and Nong Pao and my brothers and sisters artists in the camp, whether Are Phi Tai Orathai, Elder Ern Surattikarn, Peer Ratchanok Srilophan, Nong Isarapong, Nong Leng Saranyakan, Nong Miew Orapasaya, Nong Hai-Chutima, Nong Pang Rum-Siwanari and Petch-Sorapop united to commemorate the passing of Mae Phueng-Pumpuang Moon by meeting to meet at Ban Man’s house. to sing a new NORMAL song with Mae Phueng, which would like for the fans Let’s follow live on the Grammy Gold fan page with “29 years of the moon…in the heart of Phum Phuang Moon” on Sunday, June 13 at 17.00 onwards.