2G in retail and 2G plus: Stricter corona rules in Berlin

Corona in Berlin

2G in retail and 2G plus: Stricter corona rules in Berlin

Corona: That means a possible vaccination requirement

Corona: That means a possible vaccination requirement

The number of corona infections continues to rise. Experts see compulsory vaccination as necessary in the fight against the virus. An overview of the meaning and the possible implementation of a corona vaccination requirement.

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The Berlin Senate has reacted to the rapidly increasing corona numbers. These corona rules have been decided.

  • The Berlin Senate tightened the corona rules.
  • From Saturday, only vaccinated and convalescent people will have access to most shops (2G). Basic supplies (supermarkets, drugstores or pharmacies) are excluded.
  • In many areas of public life to which only vaccinated and convalescent people have access (2G), additional requirements apply (2G plus).
  • The corona tests in Berlin schools are being expanded.

Berlin. As expected, the Senate tightened the corona regulations on Tuesday. Unvaccinated people are largely excluded from public life. As of Saturday, large parts of the 2G rules, including a mask requirement, will apply in Berlin. So Berlin is taking a different approach to the previous 2G rule. “Unfortunately, the situation has worsened in the past few weeks,” said State Secretary for Health Martin Matz (SPD) after the meeting. That is why it is important to limit the rate at which the corona virus spreads.

Unvaccinated people will in future only be allowed to go to shops for essential needs, the rest retail trade remains closed to them. Also for Leisure events 2G applies to a large extent, including a mask requirement. In future, exceptions will only apply to minors. The possibility of gaining access with a negative test is no longer available in many places.

Sports hall will in future only be reserved for vaccinated or recovered athletes, including in the Culture 2G applies across the board. In addition, a mask is generally required. Where that is not possible, for example in Dance clubs, alternatively, a negative test and distance rules should be necessary.

Corona in Berlin: 2G will also apply in hotels in the future

In the Gastronomy In addition to 2G, a mask requirement applies when entering and leaving, which is lifted at the seat. 2G will also apply in the future Hotels, in which previously unvaccinated people with a test (3G) could check in. For body-hugging services like Hairdressers (2G), operators can decide whether to require a mask or a test.

Also for Major eventsLike games in the Bundesliga, new rules apply. According to this, the number of people is limited to 5,000 seats plus 50 percent of the possible stadium or hall occupancy – only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are admitted there, too. For the Olympic Stadium this means a restriction to 42,000 spectators, for the Alte Försterei to 16,000 spectators. In addition, a mask is required.

To implement the more stringent rules, the Senate intends to hold talks with the individual industries in the coming days and look for workable solutions. “The goal is to reduce contacts and mobility,” said Matz. The aim is to slow the exponential increase in infections. In future, retail will largely be governed by the same rules that Brandenburg has decided in order not to encourage shopping tourism through various restrictions in neighboring countries. According to the State Secretary for Health, the measures taken by the two countries are not completely identical.

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3G in buses and trains – Christmas markets remain open

In the case of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the 3G rule remains. According to Matz, it is not possible to adopt further measures here, as this requirement was issued by the federal government. There is no obligation to wear an FFP2 mask. The Federal Infection Protection Act stipulates that a surgical mask or an FFP2 mask must be worn on public transport.

The Senate is currently not planning to cancel the Berlin Christmas markets, some of which have been open since Monday. Wherever possible, 2G rules with an additional mask requirement apply, according to Matz. At Christmas markets on public roads, access restrictions are difficult to enforce because they take place in shopping and residential streets.

Testing three times a week is to be maintained in Berlin schools. In classes in which there were at least two positive rapid tests, tests should then be carried out daily for a week. There are currently no plans to move away from face-to-face teaching like in Brandenburg. In day-care centers, lollipop tests are to be made more compulsory and more comprehensive than before. Daycare centers must have parents confirm that the tests have been carried out and document the results.

Berlin wants to expand the existing vaccination centers

Berlin also wants to expand the existing vaccination centers and create new ones, announced Matz. A new vaccination center will be built in the ring center at the end of the week, and since the end of last week 50 Bundeswehr soldiers have been helping every day in the vaccination center at the fair. The capacity in the new vaccination center in the Lindencenter in Lichtenberg is also to be doubled. In addition, additional vaccination appointments can be booked in order to be able to get an appointment more quickly. The dates are currently fully booked well into the new year.

The changes to the Corona Regulation at a glance:

Introduction of an extended 2G regulation

  • In principle, in the future there will be a mask requirement for the 2G condition.
  • In the area of ​​body-hugging services, the person responsible may choose to wear a mask or test.
  • In indoor catering, 2G and the mask requirement continue to apply as before.
  • In the area of ​​sports in closed rooms, there is a distance requirement or test obligation, depending on the choice of the person responsible.
  • In the case of dance entertainment and similar companies in closed rooms, there is an obligation to test and a maximum occupancy of 50 percent of the capacity of the event location.

Extension of the 2G regulation to

  • retail, with the exception of basic services.
  • Overnight stays in hotels, accommodation establishments, etc.
  • Adult education centers, institutions for general adult education, music schools, etc.
  • Driving schools and similar institutions.

With 2G condition

Admission of vaccinated non-EU foreigners: inside with vaccines approved in the EU with 2G condition even without digitally verifiable proof of vaccination

Restriction of the number of people allowed at major events from December 1, 2021

  • Events with more than 2000 people in the open air or more than 1000 people in closed rooms can only be approved up to an absolute number of 5000 spectators with full capacity and for the part exceeding 5000 people with a maximum of 50 percent of the remaining capacity.

Christmas markets in Berlin

  • Mask compulsory at Christmas markets, they can also be opened under 2G conditions.

Stay outdoors

  • Discontinuation of the rules on staying outdoors together, the ban on consuming alcohol in green spaces, and on elections and votes.