2G rules at Offenbach Christmas markets – FFH.de

In view of the tense corona situation, the city of Offenbach is introducing the 2G rule for visitors to Christmas markets. Anyone who cannot show proof of vaccination or recovery will not be granted access. According to the city, there is an exception for visitors who are not yet 18 years old and who have a negative test that they have taken at school in a timely manner.

Mask compulsory on the entire Christmas market

Offenbach was one of the first Hessian cities to open Christmas markets last week despite the increasing number of corona infections. The 2G rule already applied in covered areas and indoors. A medical mask is compulsory throughout the Christmas market. The Offenbach administrative staff decided on Sunday that the 2G rule now generally applies to visits to the Christmas market.

Uniform approach

“The basis for the hard access rules are the current situation and, above all, the prognosis for the coming weeks,” mayor and health department head Sabine Groß (Greens) is quoted in the corresponding message. Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD) called for a uniform approach. There are big differences in the different cities. “I still think it makes sense to handle rules consistently whenever possible. That makes it easier for people to keep track,” said the town hall chief. Some cities had already introduced stricter regulations for their Christmas markets last week. Elsewhere, the magic of the booth has been completely removed.