2nd league: Hamburg loses 1:2 against Paderbon: HSV promotion gone again! – Bundesliga

That’s it for HSV with promotion to the Bundesliga!

The “Red Pants” lost at home against Paderborn 1:2. The fifth winless game in a row and only two points – the fourth attempt to get promoted to the Bundesliga also fails!

HSV promotion gone again!

The first HSV shock just 45 seconds after kick-off: Hamburg’s Jatta loses the ball in midfield, Paderborn’s Srbeny grabs the ball and lobs the ball over Heuer Fernandes from almost 40 meters into the goal.

Hamburg under pressure from the start!

But the Hamburg game is far too fragmented, despite superiority in the field, there are hardly any dangerous goal scenes when the Ultras return after more than two years.

HSV doesn’t even use a penalty kick from Paderborn’s defense boss Hünemeier on Glatzel (57′): Glatzel shoots himself, falters and shoots weakly into the lower right corner – Paderborn’s Huth has no problems keeping the penalty!

And it gets even worse: In the 61st minute, Srbeny put the lid on with the 0:2. The 1: 2 by Chakvetadze after a blatant goalkeeper buck by Huth (90 + 3) is only a cosmetic result…

HSV and April – that just doesn’t fit! Since the Bundesliga relegation in 2018, Hamburg have never won in the second division in April – and that’s how it will stay for the time being!

And now nine points behind the top trio (Darmstadt, St. Pauli, Bremen), HSV is back in league 2…