3.000 euros, it would tempt you to have the flu?


If the vaccination campaign against the flu began in France, in the United States, scientists from the US National Institute of Allergy and Disease propose to 80 volunteers the sum of 3,000 euros for the injection of the H1N1 flu, seasonal influenza A , to evaluate its impact in the body.

But, the candidatures will be validated only under certain conditions: the "guinea pigs" will have to be aged from 18 to 50 years and to be in good health to avoid any risk during the test, reported Friday CNEWS. For starters, volunteers will need to inhale a nasal spray containing a seasonal flu strain. They will then spend a week under surveillance, in quarantine, in a hospital to prevent the risk of contagion. Then,
a follow-up will be established by the scientists during 90 days. These will regularly
samples (nose, throat and blood) to observe their reactions.


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