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A UD Almería of hot blood. This team is going for vertigo, marching, a rhythm match, and when so many ingredients come together you just have to let the magic out on the field. Because this year there will be nights like those in Bilbao, with an eleven missing, and others where it was worth spending two hours frozen in the stands. This is the Primera, this is Almería. The good side of the rojiblancos came out because the footballers were determined. What Rubi said in the preview was perfectly fulfilled: “Respect is lost when the ball starts rolling.” Exact.

Espanyol, who was on a roll, collided head-on with an opponent who put their heart and football into winning. This sport seems even simple when Melero and Robertone get together. Of course, it would not be fair to put one or the other in the showcase, but rather all of them, because this time Almería did not win by sparks, but by forcefulness and faith in their game model.

Expect The Mediterranean is an oasis where everything -or almost-, it is happiness and joy. Whoever goes to his seat each game knows that he will see something different, for better or for worse, because after one round of the League the professionals have shown that this is black or white. not grey.

When Luis Suarez He scored the goal that paved the way at minute 21, a play by a real man from the area turning quickly, it seemed that many more could have fallen before. Espanyol was stunned, lost balls without meaning, and only squeezed Fernando in an arrival by Aleix Vidal.

Party The minutes passed and except for the surge in tension with the VAR controversy, there were no problems to tie the victory. De la Hoz commits a penalty to Expósito but it is not signaled for Joselu’s previous offside at the start of the action.

In 60 the sentence with a bit of persisting. Baptistao hunts a series of rejections in the area of ​​Álvaro Fernández and makes it 2-0. It was the confirmation of the round match, of a team that when having fun is unstoppable. It may not reach him against the greats, but against rivals from his squad his level is impressive.

And Melero was missing. This footballer sees everything from another perspective, he is a second ahead of the rest and the goal pass to Portillo at 77′ is well worth the entrance to the Mediterranean. If he has a great time, the companions of him more of him. The anger in Portillo’s celebration showed that those who come from the bench have fire inside. The more than 11,000 brave at least saw a show, goals and three more points for their team.

Almost 10 A pass between the lines for Rubén ended up in the 3-1, Joselu’s work, which detracted from the magnificent rojiblanca performance. Only the fact of Ely’s anger at that action reflected that not leaving the goal at zero hurt especially due to the manifest superiority throughout the ninety minutes.

The classification is the perfect thermometer to calibrate Almería, and it is that with the performance of home they should not have much trouble to save themselves. There will be crises, games to forget, as happens to any squad, although what this group has achieved in 19 days is not to leave anyone indifferent. To enjoy. An Almería of vertigo and hot blood.


UD ALMERIA Fernando, Pozo, Ely, Babic, Akieme, De la Hoz, Robertone (Samú Costa, 86′), Melero (Eguaras, 80′), Adri Embarba (Portillo, 71′), Leo Baptistao (Arnau Puigmal, 80′), and Luis Suárez (El Bilal Touré, 71′).

RCD ESPANYOL Álvaro Fernández, Óscar Gil (Rubén, 45′), César Montes, Cabrera, Brian Oliván, Sergi Darder, Vini de Souza (Dani Gómez, 80′), Aleix Vidal (Edu Expósito, 45′), Javi Puado (Lazo, 80 ‘), Martin Braithwaite (Nico Melamed, 68’), and Joselu.

GOALS 1-0, min 21: Luis Suarez. 2-0, min 60: Baptistao. 3-0, min 77: Portillo. 3-1, min 93: Joselu.

REFEREE Villanueva churches.

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