WATERBURY – If you have a child of three or four when you are three or four years old, you will be short of time to get a flu shot.

In Waterbury, where several hundred children are at risk of being held home by Pre-K, the Department of Health offered support to families if they did not abide by state law.

On Friday, at the Office of Early Childhood, was the first of two days in the next month to offer flu vaccines for preschoolers.

The city does so because state laws oblige three-year-olds and four-year-old children who wish to enroll in the pre-K region before the K Law to have received their flu vaccine by 31 December.

"She's afraid of shooting," said Joann Torres of Waterbury about her granddaughter, who had tears on her cheeks.

"We try to distract him and talk to them about other things as we prepare to give them a chance," said Krista Phelan-Wright, a nurse at Waterbury.

If it is the first year of a child in preschool, it must receive a second flu vaccination 28 days after the first child.

However, there are exceptions to the prec rule, including children with certain medical conditions and religions who do not allow vaccines.

December 12 is the next day Waterbury can be administered flu free.



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