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KOMPAS.com – It could be that, because of the interest of consumers in London’s original Brompton bikes, Britain is extraordinarily large – but it cannot be achieved by all circles, so alternative bicycles that “plagiarize” Brompton become an option, so they are selling well.

At least, that experience happened some time ago at several large bicycle factories that tried to imitate the Brompton model.

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Call it, the local manufacturer of Element, which has been making variants of Pikes since 2019. In the near future Element will launch Pikes gen 2, having previously had success with Pikes gen 1.

When observed from various shows, both video and photos on social media, the form of Pikes gen 2 at a glance can be called “Brompton really“.

Unmitigated, not only the model, but the choice of color combinations also mimic the variants in Brompton.

Call Brompton Explore who had a scene in the smuggling case on the Garuda plane at the end of 2019.

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The bicycle is a product “limited edition“which is only produced as many as 2,000 worldwide.

The “reasonable” price when it entered the Indonesian market at that time reached Rp. 50 million.

Now, when the price of Brompton soars, there are also Brompton Explore “used” bikes that are offered for Rp. 80 million.

Nah, That exclusive bicycle design also seems to be traced “exhausted” by Element with Pikes gen 2.

Similarly, the Brompton x David Millar collaboration series in the CHPT series is dominated by black and red.

Combinations in similar shades are seen in the choice of Pikes gen 2 bikes.

Pikes gen 2 is “successful” before launching

REPRO BIDIK SCREEN VIA IG @ elementbikeid Element Pikes Gen 1 (left) and Element Pikes Gen 2 (right) are two bicycles that copy British Brompton bicycle models.

Not to mention the product is marketed, Pikes gen 2 seems to have already reaped success, and won a large niche market.

On social media networks there was a commotion because Element’s promise to launch the Pikes gen 2 series had to be postponed.

Through an account Instagram @elementbikeid, the Element must issue an announcement and argue hoax circulating in the community.

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“Gowes friends, please pay attention. This is totally out of our control, not that we are giving false promises, but what we can do now is only to ask for understanding from friends who are really looking forward to the presence of Pikes Gen 2.”

“So this is the story. Why the release of Pikes gen 2 was delayed?”

“Because one of the parts used on Pikes gen 2 (internal hub) has been delayed, or can be said to be delayed in its delivery.”

“So we announce that the presence of Pikes Gen 2 must be delayed until mid-July 2020.”

“Sorry, we have to convey this news with a heavy heart,“was the sound of Element’s statement.

The upload also received mixed reactions from citizens, who generally regretted the delay, and asked for a guaranteed supply of sufficient stock.

At least it can be an illustration, how the bike really attracts the interest of Indonesian consumers.

VIA 3Sixty.kr 3Sixty

Another brand that is reaping the success of Brompton’s fame is the imported bicycle, 3Sixty.

This bike is produced in Shenzhen, China and also in Korea. Mentioned on the site 3Sixty.kr the company was founded in 2012.

3Sixty is said to be trying to approach customers with affordable bicycle prices, while maintaining quality.

3Sixty products enter Indonesia in a range that is not cheap. This bicycle variant is sold at around Rp. 10 million, even more.

In terms of shape, this bike is very similar to Brompton.

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Even the connoisseurs in Indonesia, do not hesitate to revoke the 3Sixty brand label and then parody it with a sticker that reads “Brompnot“- with style font similar to Brompton.

Not only that, many users are willing to spend more to get genuine Brompton parts which are then paired in this 3Sixty frame.

If so, there are some of the owners who do not hesitate to put the Brompton sticker in the same position on the bicycle frame.

For the ordinary eye, the bike may be counted difficult to distinguish from the original Brompton.

But one small difference that can be seen in plain view is, the curve of the stem triangle down, around the back chain.

Original Brompton did not have these curves.

VIA 3Sixty.kr The curve in the area of ​​the lower triangle as shown (bottom right) is the difference between Brompton and the 3sixty bike

Sales of 3Sixty were fairly successful. The proof, the system pre-order which is commonly opened by many traders on social media, is almost always welcomed by consumers.

The fan community is also easy to find in the country. This bicycle stock is also relatively difficult to obtain, just as happened to Brompton.


Last choice of of course Kreuz bikes are Bandung children’s creations. Since reported Kompas.com last week, the bicycle sales figures skyrocketed.

The bike was made by “splitting” the original Brompton bicycle, to get a pattern in order to be able to make its first prototype.

Now, the pivot line has already reached June 2022. Ya, the year 2022.

Apparently many people are willing to pay 50 percent of the price frame set which is priced at Rp 3.5 million, for a period of more than a year. Isn’t it amazing?

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The number of orders for bicycles produced is also exploding handmade this, forcing Kreuz to increase the number of employees.

“When it started, the number of MSMEs absorbed by around 30 people. Now a total of 172 people, “said one of the Kreuz owners, Jujun Junaedi when contacted Kompas.com, Tuesday (6/30/2020).

The SMEs are spread in several cities such as Bandung, Garut, and a number of people in East Java.

This amount can increase along with the impact of Kreuz bicycle sales to other products, such as bags, T-shirts and souvenirs.

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The addition of the number of employees is expected to increase the Kreuz bicycle production target. From the beginning 10 units per month to 15-25 units per month.

It was clear that the charm of the Brompton bicycle had many people drugged.

Either the choice fell on Pikes from Element, 3Sixty, or a bicycle handmade Kreuz from Bandung, who certainly looks like Andrew Ritchie’s creation.

Difficult to argue, because the first Brompton bikes had been designed since the late 70s, long before the three brands were born.

So -confessed or not, many buyers are willing to pay -and even wait a long time to get a bike that looks like Brompton. Ya, Brompton wanna be…



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