Everything is said in the word: junk food, it is not good for health. If we know very well the effects on the body, the consequences on the brain are not well known. According to a recent study, a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates would only take three days to affect our brains.

All amateurs and lovers of fast food will have noticed: regularly consume the junk food will have an undeniable effect on your line and your scale. But according to a recent study by Yale University in the United States, junk food could have consequences for brain long before the effects are visible on your body.

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According to scientists, it would only be necessary three days of a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates to affect the brain. At issue: protein named UCP2, which would lead to an inflammation of hypothalamus. This area is home to vital functions such as appetite regulation and fear management.

The influence of diet on good brain health

In the laboratory, researchers have observed that the activation of this protein would have had the effect of stimulating the appetite of animals and making them more prone to obesity. But by blocking this mechanism and removing the protein, animals exposed to a high-fat diet ate less and were more resistant in the face of weight gain.

"By exposing us to specific types of food, we activate different brain mechanisms"Dr. Sabrina Diano, lead author of this study, points out that mechanisms are not without consequences for the organism, and beyond nutrition, the scientist hopes that her research will be used for a larger field of study. wide, like that of the mechanisms of the Alzheimer's disease.


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