3 Easy Ways to Copy Instagram Links for Accounts, Photos and Videos

How to create an Instagram link can be done easily and practically. The reason is because you don’t need to use additional applications.

Copy Links on Instagram can also make it easier for you to download videos and photos. On the other hand, you can also use this IG link on Android and iOS. Although the appearance of iOS and Android is different, in the Instagram application the menu layout is the same.

In addition to copying Instagram video and photo links, you will also get a guide to copy links for your own Instagram profile and others. The main purpose of copying the IG link is so that you can share the IG account that you find interesting with your friends.

By copying it your friends are made easier when you want to see the post or IG account that you mean. Indirectly you also share interesting experiences, right? For that, here’s how to simply copy the IG account link, photos and videos of other Instagram users:

The first step is to copy the Video link on someone else’s IG account first. Copy process URL/Link it’s not that complicated. You don’t even need an additional application. Besides that, you can also copy link for your own post, here’s how:

  • Step #1: Find posts in the form of Videos
  • Step #2: Tap the icon “Three Point”Copy IG Video Link
  • Step #3: Tap on option Copy Link
  • Step #4: Wait for the copying process, when it is finished a message will appear saying “Link Copied”IG Video Link CopiedIG Video Link Copied
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The second step is to copy the actual photo URL as the first step. How to copy it is also very simple and not so complicated, here’s how:

  1. Find a photo in one of the Instagram posts
  2. Then tap the icon “Three Point”Copy IG Photo LinkCopy IG Photo Link
  3. After that several options will appear, just select the option “Copy Link”
  4. Done

In this step of copying the IG account link, you will be shown 2 different ways. The reason is because the process of copying the link on our IG account is divided into other people’s IG accounts and our own.

Of course, how to copy the IG link on each part (Others and own accounts) different way. For more details on how to copy it, here’s how:

1. Other People’s IG Profile URL

You don’t need to open another application, the process of copying the account link on someone else’s Instagram can be done directly using the Instagram application.

For example, this time we provide a simple picture, namely we try to use a personal IG account then look for other IG accounts/profiles (Here we are looking for the IG account “”).

After we find the account, we immediately copy the account link in the following ways:

  • Find one Profile other Instagram users (can mate)
  • Then select the icon “Three Point” located near the IG usernameCopy IG Profile UrlCopy IG Profile Url
  • After that tap on options “Copy Profile URL”
  • Done

2. Own IG Profile URL

Actually, how to copy the link for your own IG account is also very easy. You just need to use an additional application in the form of a browser. The browser has also been provided directly by your Android or iOS. That’s why we provide a way to copy your own IG profile URL:

  • Step #1: Open your browser
  • Step #2: Enter the address
  • Step #3: Login with your IG account
  • Step #4: Open menu “Profile”Copy Other People's IG Profile LinksCopy Other People's IG Profile Links
  • Step #5: Tap on “Link Bar” on
  • Step #6: Later, several buttons will appear, choose the “Copy” button which generally has a icon RectangleCopy URL of Other Account's IG ProfileCopy URL of Other Account's IG Profile

In addition to the way copy it using Instagram Web, there is another method which is quite complex. The way we mean is to change the sample URL below.

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Example URL: username

You can simply copy the example link above, then change the text “your Instagram username” with your IG username.

For example, if we have an IG profile that uses the username “branch.angr” then we copy the username rama.angr and then enter it into Example URL to change text usernameInstagramYou.

How to share the IG link

Maybe some people have difficulty sharing the IG link after successfully copying it. Here we provide how to share it using the example of sharing via WA:

  1. Copy Instagram Link (Free, want to choose a photo, video or profile link)
  2. Find a destination “Share Link”generally shared to other social media or chat
  3. We take the example of WhatsApp chat, after copying it then go to the page “Chat” on WAHow to share the IG linkHow to share the IG link
  4. you stay “Paste” the Instagram link then send it
  5. Done

How to Overcome Copy Share URL Instagram Doesn’t Appear

Why can’t you copy the Instagram URL? The reason is because on some Instagram accounts the post or profile URL does not appear because the user in question has closed his privacy, aka the account was created “Private”.

That way those of you who are not followers will have difficulty seeing the private Instagram Profile link. To overcome this, here’s how:

  • First, open the browser on your PC/laptop
  • Second, go to the private Instagram profile earlier
  • Third, Copy Link in “Address Bar” Which browser are you using?
Copy IG Profile Url That Doesn't AppearCopy IG Profile Url That Doesn't Appear

Yes, it’s quite easy to say how to copy the IG link above, you just want to follow it or not.

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That’s the whole content of our article this time about 3 Easy Ways to Copy Instagram Links for Accounts, Photos and Videos