3 Exporters of Cooking Oil Raw Materials in 34 Containers Revealed!


The identity of the company that was desperate to export cooking oil raw materials (migor) when the government banned it was revealed. Based on data from PT Regional Container Lines, the company that owns the MV Mathu Bhum, the 34 containers containing raw material for cooking oil belong to three companies.

“After we traced based on existing documents, the 34 containers had five containers belonging to PT Permata Hijau Group (PHG), 15 containers owned by PT Inno Wangsa and the remaining 14 belonging to PT Multi Mas Nabati,” said PT Regional Container Lines lawyer Landen. Marbun, quoted from detikSumut Monday (16/5/2022).

According to him, the three companies that own 34 containers have the documents needed to be able to export. In addition, the goods export notification (PEB) and export notification note (NPE) from Medan Customs already have documents to be able to export goods.

With this fact, Landen assessed that there should be no more problems regarding export regulations because they are in accordance with the provisions. “All documents are complete. The ship should be released,” he said.

If the Indonesian Navy feels the need to hold 34 containers for investigation purposes, he does not question it. However, other items on the ship must be released.

“We support the legal process to continue, to be investigated thoroughly. However, our clients also have the responsibility to send other goods. If they want to hold 34 containers that are considered wrong, not all of them, especially the ship,” he said.

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