3 "Feathers on Mafish" Khawajat in the Egyptian league


The phenomenon of the use of foreign coaches in the clubs of the Egyptian league is not a modern era on the Egyptian football, but has been applied for decades.

This season saw the arrival of more than a foreign coach, of different nationalities, Ahli was hired Carteron, but left for poor results, followed by the Uruguayan Lasarte, in Zamalek, Christian Garros mission, and in Tigris coach Takis Junis, , In Ismaili Sidomir, and in Pyramids, Ramon Diaz.

Some foreign coaches have not been able to offer new training to their teams, with three of them raising "feathers on muffish" – Lasarte, Gross and Sidomir.


Martin Lassarty failed to win the confidence of the red fans in light of the recent results of the team, as he gave the African Champions League a heavy loss in the quarter-final encounter against Sun Downs. In the League Cup, the team's level is unstable. In the meetings, we find Al Ahly take the summit, and then waive it, to be the summit Rayh Jay between Ahly and Zamalek.


Cristian Gross, despite the fact that Zamalek managed to qualify for the semi-final of the African Champions League, did not succeed in restoring the confidence of the fans, because of conceding and neglecting the top of the league, to the traditional national rivals, as well as opportunities wasted by the players in different games, Which is common to the team scoring a lot of goals.


The fate of the Belgian Siddomir, Ismaili's technical manager, has become a pawn in Darwish castle after the recent downfall of the yellow team, losing 3-1 to Pyramids and then drawing Al Gouna 2-0.

Johns Takeis

Thaks Gunis has received sharp criticism for his method of training the team, building the attack from the goalkeeper, but he managed to perform the best performance in the Egyptian league so far.

Since football recognizes only numbers, performance alone is not enough. The team is ranked 12th with 31 points, which means there is a gap in the team's performance during the matches.



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