News 3 ideas: No. 7 SDSU 64, Fresno State 55...

3 ideas: No. 7 SDSU 64, Fresno State 55 … Malachi Flynn, favorable schedule and the ball (again)


Three ideas on winning 64-55 San Diego State at Fresno State Tuesday night: t

1. For MVP

As we approach the mid-west of the Western Mountain season, SDSU junior guard Malachi Flynn established himself as the biggest candidate for the year's conference player. If you do not believe, just see a 45-second segment in a game it was a point to five minutes to go.

Flynn regretted New Williams, Fresno State, on a 3-point attempt and made all three free throws; he grabbed one of his five resurrections and sent a 75-foot chest pass that was perfectly laden to Yanni Wetzell to break a fast deflection; then Orlando Robinson spoke on the back forward for SDSU on the night's theft only and pushed the result to 13 with his layout.

End of the game.

The foul came two minutes after the adjudicators turned it on. Flynn came on a ball screen and he could turn the corner with the dribble, but it wasn't.

Flynn: “They asked me, so why couldn't I get it? They were coming out of the tight (ball) screens for the night. He was on my hip, trying to go over each other. Sometimes, if you stop quickly they don't know what to do. I knew it was not my eyes. ”

The Bulldogs got the ball, and Jordan Campbell lost a floater in the lane. Wetzell found himself on the perimeter and noticed that Fresno's four players were beating the boards. So he did the old thing and began to sprinting to the other side.

Flynn: “Yanni did a great play. He went out, I threw ahead and had a perfect finish. ”

The Bulldogs got the ball and they kept Robinson on the right block. Flynn was in the right corner of Williams, who went on the other side of the floor to isolate Robinson on Matt Mitchell, who had four legs. The Aztecs did not work with two positions of the entire game, and Robinson said it was safe dribble.

Flynn said: “They moved into the job and a new cut, and I acted as I was with New. Then I just turned around, and as soon as he put it on the ground I came behind him and I got the steal. That is something I have done over the years. There aren't many pigs thinking about where the guards are. When they see someone's leave, they think they are going to work. I knew he did not look. As soon as he turned his head from me, I knew I could get it.

“After that, it was around.” T

2. Preferential winds

The coaches will not be leaving and relaxing, and the players will probably not be there either. But the challenge of the conference schedule in the previous 11 days was challenging – with road trips to three places where the Austrians lost last year – the winds change and become more favorable now.

It seems that Kenpom's metric agrees, that he gives at least six points and seven times with double figures for the Aztecs in each of his 11 remaining season games.

It is a game at Viejas Arena, and it's hard to imagine that anyone is meeting them if there are crowds like nothing against Boise State last weekend (and that was without the sons students back from breaking). Kenpom is to predict that 14, 24, 11, 13, 16 and 15 points at the Aztecs will win those games.

And there are four of the five road games, although they are always complicated in the West of the Mountain, coming a lot of time in advance.

After one practice before Fresno State, Dutcher and his team receive five days before UNLV (January 26); a full week before Air Force (February 8) and his prince Princeton style thanks to a serious action; and five days before Boise State (February 16). They receive four days before the regular seasons finale at Nevada (February 29), but it continues tangible inner games against UNLV and Colorado State.

The exception is 29 January at New Mexico, where the Aztecs have lost three consecutive and Kenpom is thought to be the closest game (six points and 71 percent of winning). It's only three days after Sunday's game at UNLV.

The good news is, the top in Las Vegas is 1 p.m., which means they can catch a commercial flight back that night and have two days rehearsal before they leave Albuquerque.

Can they run the table? The probability that there will be 29-0 entering the conference contest, according to Kenpom's computer algorithm, is almost double from 7.4 percent last week to 14.7 percent.

3. The ball

Maybe there was only a night, or maybe the Aztecs have not fully adjusted to the new Nike basketball ShotTracker sensor has been installed as part of the Mountain West contract with the analytics company.

After two promising shooting demonstrations, they were 3 of 18 over the arc in Fresno State, which uses the ball for home games as a Nike school. The latest SDSU numbers have a 3-point accuracy against Division I competition: 31.3 percent with it, 39.7 percent without it.

However, what they are getting for their trouble is a bigger issue. Nothing, it seems.

The Mountain West and ShotTracker did not respond to traffic earlier this month, but Dan Butterly, senior conference commissioner, spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday. He said there is no punishment if a game ball school decides to use without a tracking chip, as it seems that old players prefer Nike's model. But then there would not be comprehensive data from that game and the chances of the conference might hurt the NCAA waiver received to use the proprietary technology.

Butterly the newspaper also said that eight or nine of the 11 teams are using ShotTracker data.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is much smaller than that. SDSU and Fresno State said they are not being used, and two other schools not sponsored by Nike told the Union-Tribune that they are not private, either.

Now add UNLV to the list. T.J. Coach. Otzelberger, a self-professed analytics nut, said with the Journal-Review that they essentially favored his own statistics: “Sometimes the possession numbers were not correct or some of the information was not accurate. We decided that we wanted to count the information we knew we could. ”

At present, Nike's schools continue to adhere to the desires of the conference and use the newer ball that has narrower, shallow ways and it seems more difficult to get hold of them when they are sweaty. But that doesn't mean that their players have to do it.

During a SDSU game by Utah State, Aggies was heard listening to his SDSU colleagues: “Do you both love so much from this ball?”


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