3 matches against Zamalek to avoid the worst number in history since the start of the league


3 matches against Zamalek to avoid the worst number in the history of the league since its inception, according to Filgoal, the website of Al Wasat newspaper, containing news of 3 matches against Zamalek to avoid the worst number in its history since the start. Al-Wasat newspaper, the Arab Contractors, Al-Assiuti Sport and finally Al Hamra Al Hamra are all remaining matches for Zamalek in the league this season, which was not good for the White team. So far the league has been defeated 9 times in 31 games in the competition, including 3 consecutive losses in front of the Reds and Egypt clearing and the Union of Alexandria and collected 54 points. Zamalek’s season is Zamalek’s second-biggest season with a record number of losses in the 2007-2008 season. In that season, Zamalek finished third behind Al-Hamra and Al-Ismaili and collected 53 points. The biggest season in which Zamalek received the biggest set of defeats was 2008-2009 and the White team lost 10 times. In that season, Zamalek finished sixth behind Al-Hamra, Isma’ili, Petrojet, Border Guard and Enby after only 42 points. So any other defeat in the remaining three games for Zamalek would be the worst of its numbers since the start of the league 70 years ago in 1948. And certainly defeat twice will make this season is the worst in Zamalek records since the start of the Egyptian league through its long history. The biggest figure before the 2007-2008 and 2008-09 seasons was the loss in 8 games and repeated three times in 1956-1957, 1974-1975 and 2004-2005. In the 1956-1957 season Zamalek finished second behind Al-Hamra. In the 1974-75 season, Zamalek finished fifth behind the Red Fort, Arsenal, Ismaili and Mahalla. In the 2004-2005 season, the White team finished the season in sixth place behind the Red Fort, Annabi, Border Guard, Ismaili and Suez Cement. Is the current season is the worst for Zamalek since 2004 .. And what is the biggest total defeats in a row The following is the record of defeats Zamalek in all seasons of the league since its inception so far: 1948-1949 6 defeats 1949-1950 6 defeats 1950-1951 4 defeats 1952-1953 Two defeats 1953-1954 3 defeats 1954-1955 5 defeats (incomplete league) 1955-1956 3 defeats 1956-1957 8 defeats 1957-1958 One defeat (league of two groups) 1958-1959 4 defeats 1959-1960 Two defeats 1960-1961 5 defeats 1961-1962 4 defeats 1962-1963 4 defeats 1963-1964 One defeat 1964-1965 Two defeats 1965-1966 5 defeats 1966-1967 5 defeats 1971-1972 0 defeat (incomplete league) 1972-1973 One defeat 1973-1974 One defeat 1974-1975 8 defeats 1975-1976 3 defeats 1976-1977 One defeat 1977-1978 3 defeats 1978-1979 3 defeats 1979-1980 3 defeats 1980-1981 0 Defeat 1981-1982 3 defeats 1982-1983 One defeat 1983-1984 One defeat 1984-1985 One defeat 1985-1986 5 defeats 1986-1987 4 defeats 1987-1988 One defeat 1988-1989 3 defeats 1989-1990 0 defeat 1990-1991 5 defeats 1991-1992 One defeat 1992-1993 One defeat 1993-1994 6 defeats 1994-1995 1995-1996 Two defeats 1996-1997 6 defeats 1997-1998 1998-1999 5 defeats 1999-2000 Two defeats 2000-2001 One defeat 2001-2002 5 defeats 2002-2003 One defeat Defeat 8 defeats 4 defeats Four defeats 2007-2008 9 defeats 2008 defeats 2009-2010 7 defeats 2010-2011 4 defeats 2011-2012 Two defeats (incomplete league) 2012-2013 Two defeats (incomplete league) 2013-2014 7 defeats (league of two groups) 2014-2015 3 defeats 2015-2016 5 defeats 2016-2017 8 defeats (including a legal defeat from Egypt clearing for the team’s withdrawal from the meeting) 2017-2018 9 defeats and the season has not ended yet All the figures from the newspaper of the history of the Egyptian ball d. Tarek Al Saeed See also Interview with Ali Ghazal on racism Zamalek coach – Gros .. “Talented” the owner of the dream ticket Gros reports Zamalek’s financial requests Barcelona 1986 – Oroty’s courage that dried Carasco’s tears Red Castle: CAF notified us of the preliminary date of the matches between Esperance and Kampala Salah beats Ronaldo and wins the Champions League goal of the week Please if you like the news of 3 matches against Zamalek to avoid the worst number in the history of the league since the start of his participation in the news on social networking sites. You can also follow all news via Facebook and Twitter.


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