3 people who attended the Biogen meeting in Boston tested positive for coronavirus – NBC Boston

Three people who attended a meeting with Biogen employees in Boston last week tested positive for the coronavirus, the company said Thursday.

After a meeting with Biogen employees in Boston last week, several attendees reported varying degrees of flu-like symptoms. Some assistants have been confirmed with influenza and three assistants have tested positive for COVID-19 to date, “Biogen said in a statement.” At this time, these individuals are doing well, improving and under the care of their health care providers. “

“Protecting our employees and our communities is our priority,” the company added.

Everyone who attended the meeting, whether they have symptoms or not, has been directed to work from home for the next two weeks, Biogen said. Anyone who feels ill is advised to contact their health care provider.

The company said it will also take other precautionary measures, including travel restrictions until the end of March.

Biogen is a 42-year biopharmaceutical company that has created treatments for diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerois. Its headquarters are in Cambridge.



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