Day Seven Plus
Day Seven Plus

Ibrahim Osman, head of the Ismaili club and the general supervisor of football, rejects the idea of ​​the continuation of Mohammed Mohsen Abu Greisha, the general coach in the post of technical director of Darwish for the end of the season for three reasons, the first of which is the lack of any experience in the work of the position of the first man, as well as the lack of public pressure in addition to fear of the outbreak of differences Between him and the stars of Ismaili adults in the near age between them.

Abu-Greisha led the Ismaili to qualify for the sixteenth round of the Arab Championship after overcoming Kuwait Kuwait's penalty shootout 4-2 in the game played by Issam Al-Hadari goalkeeper, the role of the championship, especially after the hero of Kuwait in the equation of the outcome of the first game and won the Darwish 2 goals Reply after the unconvincing performance of the hero of Egypt.

Algeria's Khairuddin Mudawi, Ismaili's technical director, has apologized for continuing his post after falling to the top of the army 3-0 and then Smouha 3-1 in the league competition.



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