3 signs to reveal you have a polycystic ovary .. Know them


Peter Ibrahim wrote

Polycystic ovaries are diseases that are of concern to many girls and women in our society. Many people suffer from this disease in the age group between 18-44 years.
“The incidence of polycystic ovary disease is high because many causes, including genetic factors, hormonal confusion, weight gain and many other causes,” said Dr. Hisham al-Shaer, a professor and consultant on gynecology, obstetrics, infertility and infertility at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
Dr. “Hisham Al-Shaer” that the polycystic ovary pco has many symptoms, the most important:
1 – irregular menstrual cycle.
2 – increase in the growth of hair in different parts of the body.
3. Delayed reproduction.
It is not necessary that all symptoms be present but only one or two are possible.
Hisham al-Shaer advises every woman if she has a symptom that she has to disclose to a specialist in fertility and delayed reproduction.
Why should I be diagnosed with a fertility doctor and delayed reproduction?
The “poet” replied that polycystic ovaries have two different faces and characters.
The first is that it is not easy to diagnose it.
Second: that the disease more than a protocol treatment and must be the appropriate protocol for each case so as not to develop the disease and the condition of the patient worse worse.
“Hisham al-Shaer” that the important part of the journey to treat polycystic ovaries, ask the doctor of the patient to lose weight with medication Aldoaima attempt to control hormones, and then wait for the results, and that there was delayed birth and there was no improvement in ovulation, we find the work of perforation of the ovaries The laparoscopic pathway, which has an effective role in the treatment of polycystic ovaries and after the endoscope wait for 6 months during which we give some stimulants with the organization of intercourse and waiting for pregnancy, and H did not occur pregnancy and delayed reproduction We resort to the work of micro-injections that we can choose the eggs healthy and Suitable for injection and pregnancy and results in the results of microscopy The success of 60% to 70%.


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