3 unvaccinated members of the same family die of Covid-19 in one week

The Covid-19 claimed three lives in the same home in Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, a small town in the Vosges, in six days. The local press clarified Monday that neither the father, nor the mother, nor the son, were vaccinated against the virus.

It is a family and health drama. Three members of the same family and living under the same roof died of Covid-19 in the space of six days in Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, a small town in the Vosges of barely 78 inhabitants.

On Monday, Vosges morning thus chronicled the deaths of Robert, Odile and Dominique Py, specifying that they were not vaccinated against the virus.

Figures of local life

It was first the son, Dominique, 48, who succumbed to the disease. Thus, he died on November 14 at his parents’ home, where he was residing following a separation. The regional title states that he was unemployed because of an illness that had handicapped him for many years.

The next day, her mother, Odile, was also taken away. This 82-year-old woman, who had worked on her parents’ farm in her youth before getting married in 1964, died in Vittel hospital.

Finally, Robert Py, 89, joined them last Saturday, also defeated by Covid-19 when he had been admitted to the Neufchâteau hospital center. His biography reveals that he had been a farm clerk, then an employee of a company making jams. the Lorraine republican also notes that he had been municipal councilor of Courcelles-sous-Châtenois in the 1980s, a village where the family had settled for several decades.

“They didn’t take him seriously”

The couple had three other children in addition to Dominique, to whom were added over the years eight grandchildren and even a great-granddaughter.

Ouafa Py daughter-in-law of Robert and Odile Py and sister-in-law of Dominique, saw the latter’s condition worsen, then that of her in-laws: “we had already discussed this subject (vaccination, Editor’s note) but they did not take it seriously “. Faced with this terrible loss, she calls for vaccination on BFMTV.

“At the beginning, I didn’t want to be vaccinated. It is thanks to my children that I made my doses of the vaccine. […] at the beginning, I did not believe it too much because they found it a little quickly this vaccine, but it is thanks to my daughter “, she relates on our antenna,” she really saved me life.”

Michael Humblot, the mayor of Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, wants this tragedy to also raise awareness for its unvaccinated citizens: “the vaccine is the only resource to contain this virus which constantly poisons us.”

“We are not immune, even if we are far from everything, even if we do not leave home much”, continues the councilor on BFMTV. “Let’s think about getting vaccinated, let’s run and get vaccinated and let’s keep the barrier gestures for a while.”

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Robin Verner BFMTV reporter