3 Ways to make the almond process

3 Ways to make the almond process

Thanks for reading Now we start with the details Cairo – By Mohamed Salah – Monday, 30 Rajab 1439 11:51 PM – In recent years, tonsillectomy, a common simple procedure, has been developed by a large proportion of people with recurrent inflammation. Dr. Mohamed Nabawi, an ENT specialist at the University of Mansoura, explained during his speech to “Gulf 365” that there are 3 ways of the fourth to remove the tonsils, and there is no doubt that the surgery is in the process of old methods do not do very little, It has become more common, and “cooling” has become the advanced method of trying to race its predecessors. And put the “prophecy”, between the reader’s advantages and disadvantages and the nature of each method, to compare and choose: Ectopic tonsillectomy Surgery performed by cutting, stitching and stitching The bleeding rate is high The child has difficulty swallowing and eating because of pain Probability of child weight imbalance Recovery after 15 full days The possibility of high temperature for the child Large doses of analgesics given to the child Methods of tonsillectomy Laser tonsillectomy Laser surgery and no stitches High bleeding rate Difficulty and pain swallowing Possible weight disorder Recovery after 15 days High temperature Large dose of painkillers Tonsils Cryosurgery “plasma” Surgery without stitches, cutting and coagulation No bleeding There are no difficulties swallowing, and the child takes his food within days No possibility of weight disorder Full recovery after 15 days, but the child takes his food before that No possibility of high temperature Low dose of painkillers

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