30 Argentine film associations demand responses from the government to the crisis in the sector

A group of thirty associations of the Argentine audiovisual sector demands from national government officials a solution to the emergency that the country’s cinematographic sector is experiencing, with theaters closed for the second time and a notable reduction in production activity.

Given the delicate situation that the Argentine audiovisual sector is going through and the systematic silence and lack of responses to the claims made by the management of Luis Puenzo at the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), various industry associations Argentine audiovisuals have wanted to communicate to society that cinema is struggling to survive, and to show in a forceful statement entitled “This is not how it goes anymore” the urgent need for a profound change of course in cinematographic policies.

Thus, the audiovisual sector has decided to demand a hearing, through a letter sent to the Minister of Culture Tristán Bauer, the Legal and Technical Secretary Vilma Ibarra and the Chief of Cabinet Santiago Cafiero on April 26, to obtain a response from these responsible officials and “channel audiovisual policies in tune with an inclusive and federal country project.” The call ends with a request for an immediate response, which has not yet arrived.

Among the associations that have joined this emergency petition are ACCIÓN Mujeres del Cine, ACERVO, APIMA (Association of Independent Producers), CAIC (Argentine Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry), CIAT (Chamber of the Audiovisual Industry of Tucumán), CCC (Colectivo de Cineastas de Córdoba), CAF (Federal Audiovisual Coordination), CCN (Colectivo de Cineastas de Neuquén), DIC, DOCA (Documentalistas de Argentina), FAVA (Federación Audiovisual Argentina), RAD (Red Argentina de Documentalistas), RAFMA (Argentine Network of Audiovisual Festivals and Samples), RDI (Comprehensive Documentary Filmmakers), APAC (Association of Audiovisual Producers of the Province of Córdoba-Argentina), CIAT (Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations), CDC (Collective of Filmmakers), Audiovisual Cluster of the province of Buenos Aires, North Patagonia Audiovisual Cluster, and the Federal Network of INCAA Spaces. All of them bring together directors, producers, technicians, festivals and exhibitors, and represent an important and plural arc of the country’s film industry.

There have already been other mobilizations and claims, such as last December, when associations, collectives and self-convened from the audiovisual field positioned themselves at the gates of INCAA under the slogan “The year we live without INCAA.” The protests included, among other points, the enlargement and support of the Film Development Fund created by the Film Law; a New Federal Development Plan that also includes the gender perspective; financing tools for films; fulfillment of the screen quota in rooms and streaming; the return of the National Festivals to the orbit of INCAA; the start-up and value of the CINAIN for the preservation of Argentine cinema, and the immediate settlement of pending payments for films at INCAA.

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