30% of drunk drivers, with 1.5 alcohol in their blood

It is Friday and Saturday, the Road Safety Corps de Cipolletti together with the National Road Safety Agency rCarried out vehicle control operations at the entrance to the province of Ro Negro for the highway bridges and the third bridge.

The head of the Road Safety Corps, Ceferino Purrn pointed to Better Informed In the controls, 19 drivers were detected on Friday and another 9 on Saturday who were driving with excess alcohol in their blood. A total of 28 drivers who tested positive for breathalyzer.

Meanwhile, in Five jumps were also performed and 3 more positives were detected. So far this weekend there have been a total of 31 drunk drivers. The highest graduation was that of a 43-year-old woman, living in Centenario, with 1.99 g / l Driving a Renault Sandero. As a striking fact, 30% of drivers who drove intoxicated did so with a rate higher than 1.5 g / l, concluded Purrn.