30 years in prison for musician R. Kelly –

Judgment in the Abuse Trial
30 years in prison for musician R. Kelly

Former pop superstar R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in an abuse trial.

This was announced by Judge Ann Donnelly at a court in New York. A jury found the musician guilty on all nine charges, including sexual exploitation of minors, kidnapping and bribery, last year after a trial lasting several weeks. Kelly, who appeared in court with black glasses, a black corona mask and a khaki top, had always denied the allegations.

“God Complex”

Before Judge Donnelly handed down the sentence, seven of Kelly’s victims told their stories one after the other, some in tears. Some of the women looked and spoke to him directly – but Kelly either stared straight ahead at the notes on the table in front of him or spoke quietly to his defense attorneys. The musician has a “God complex”, has “manipulated millions of people” and committed “pathetic, inexplicable” acts, said a woman.

First allegations as early as 2008

The first allegations against the musician, born Robert Sylvester Kelly in Chicago in 1967, were made around 25 years ago. In 2008 he was tried for possession of images of severe child sexual abuse – and was acquitted. The music colossus seemed unassailable on its pop throne. With more than 50 million albums sold, several Grammys and other awards, he was one of the most successful musicians of the late 20th century.

Dokumentation 2019: Surviving R. Kelly

But at the latest when the sensational documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” summarized the allegations in 2019, the singer became more and more lonely. Stars distanced themselves from him, as well as radio stations, streaming services and then his music label RCA, which belongs to Sony Music.

Charges also in Illinois and Minnesota

With the sentencing in New York, the legal disputes for Kelly are not over: There are also charges against the musician in the US states of Illinois and Minnesota. A trial in Chicago is scheduled to begin in mid-August.