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In Austria, 3,186 new corona infections were reported on Monday.

In Austria, 2,186 new infections with the corona virus were reported on Monday. 1,209 corona patients are currently in the hospital, 72 of them in intensive care.

The number of people being treated in Austria with a Covid infection in hospital has increased by 49 to 1,209 patients within 24 hours (as of Monday, 9:00 a.m.). The number of people cared for in the intensive care units also increased by six to 72 affected people. 3,186 new infections with the corona virus were registered.

3,186 new corona infections in Austria on Monday

Since yesterday there has been one death related to a Covid infection. According to the Ministry of the Interior and Health, the Covid 19 pandemic has claimed 19,343 lives in Austria since it broke out. AGES already reported 20,573 fatalities on Sunday.

There were a total of 71,279 laboratory-confirmed active cases in Austria on Monday, 641 fewer than the day before. The seven-day incidence was 408.8 cases per 100,000 population. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities have registered 4,865,409 confirmed cases. 4,774,787 people have recovered since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The new corona infections in the federal states

New infections in the federal states since yesterday’s report:

  • Burgenland: 82
  • Carinthia: 297
  • Lower Austria: 829
  • Upper Austria: 395
  • Salzburg: 153
  • Styria: 228
  • Tyrol: 159
  • Vorarlberg: 67
  • Wien: 976

Vienna has the highest seven-day index of all federal states

The province with the highest seven-day incidence was Vienna with 602, followed by Lower Austria, Carinthia and Salzburg (479.9, 445.8 and 327.7 respectively). Then came Styria (317.7), Burgenland (314.8), Upper Austria (312), Tyrol (255.8) and Vorarlberg (241.3).

38,727 PCR and antigen rapid tests registered on Monday

38,727 PCR and antigen rapid tests were registered by Monday 9:00 a.m. Of these, 35,727 were meaningful PCR tests. The positive rate of the PCR tests was 8.9 percent. This 24-hour value was above the average for the past week (an average of 7.6 percent of the PCR tests positive).

416 corona vaccinations were carried out on Sunday

416 vaccinations were carried out on Sunday, of which 284 were booster vaccinations (4th, 5th and every further vaccination dose). According to the recommendation of the National Vaccination Committee (NIG), 5,332,421 people (59.1 percent) of Austrians are validly vaccinated.

Burgenland has the highest protection rate at 66.8 percent

The protection rate was highest in Burgenland at 66.8 percent. In Lower Austria, 62.4 percent of the population have basic immunization, in Styria 60.6 percent. After Tyrol (57.5), Vienna (57.3), Carinthia (56.3), Vorarlberg (56.1) and Salzburg (55.3), Upper Austria brings up the rear with 54.6 percent.

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