32.6 billion dirhams Proposed distributions to 60 companies for 2017

32.6 billion dirhams Proposed distributions to 60 companies for 2017

The proposed cash dividends of listed companies in Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Financial Markets rose to AED 32.63 billion after the number of companies that decided to distribute dividends to 60 companies by March 11.
The average annual return on investment for the total number of companies that announced cash dividends was 5.6%, according to the analysis of the proposals disclosed by the boards of directors of these companies.
Dividend income

The value of the dividends of five banks listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

The dividend yield on the number of free shares to which they are entitled was 50.9%, the highest in the Middle East.
It is expected that part of the cash dividends will be pumped to the capital markets from April to May, according to the expectations of many financial experts and intermediaries working in the financial markets.
The analysis shows that banks ‘cash dividends increased to about AED 18 billion, the result of the 13 banks’ decision to distribute dividends to shareholders, while five listed banks did not announce any dividends until March 11.
Segment distributions
The banking sector accounted for 55.2% of the total allocations announced by the 60 companies analyzed, leading the first position in terms of value of distributions.
The distribution of five banks listed on the Dubai Financial Market amounted to about AED 6.1 billion, while the distribution of eight banks listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange reached AED 11.9 billion.
Followed by the real estate sector with AED 2.55 billion, AED 1.045 billion for the finance and investment sector, AED 781 million for the transport and logistics sector, AED 577 million for the insurance sector, AED 421 million for the construction materials sector, and 291 million for the construction sector. AED 196 million for the consumer sector, AED 125 million for the hospitality sector and AED 107 million for the health and pharmaceutical industries.

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