33 million for the redevelopment of public housing

Password: retrain. The Lombardy Region has allocated over 33 million euros to give a new life to the public housing in via Bolla, the Aler buildings that have long been dealing with abusive occupations, decay and episodes of violence, the last of which occurred last week when in the courtyards of the buildings there was a big fight between 60 people.

“The lines of intervention include, among other things, the complete redevelopment of building A – civics 38, 40, 42 – for an expense of € 22,016,790 and the energy requalification of building B – civics 26, 28 , 30, 32, 34, 36, for an expense of € 10,465,764. Finally, € 800,000 for the transfer costs of regular tenants to other lodgings “, reads a note from Pirellone.

“Here we rule”: hell in the houses of via Bolla

The provision approved in the council – “Lines of intervention for urban regeneration” – summarizes the activities carried out by Aler Milano, “preparatory to the redevelopment interventions, some of which have already been completed. unauthorized buildings A and B, the transfer, already carried out, regular tenants in building A except for two families, which the region urges Aler to resolve immediately “, summarized the administration. And again: “Further activities are the assignment already carried out of the energy efficiency works of building B, the assignment of the design of the integral redevelopment of building A by June 2022, finally the works for the fire prevention certificates by August 2022 “.

The complete redevelopment of building A involves the renovation of the facades, the replacement of the windows, a new electrical system and the installation of a photovoltaic system, with the apartments located on the lower floors that will be intended for the elderly and the disabled. The energy requalification of building B, on the other hand, has the objective of rehabilitating the building through energy efficiency by adjusting the height of the parapets and creating new controlled mechanical ventilation systems in individual homes.

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“A provision – commented the president Attilio Fontana – which defines the lines of intervention for the redevelopment and which falls within the context of urban regeneration. This act is intended to be a strong and clear signal to be able to definitively reverse the course in an area of Milan that for too long has penalized the everyday life of respectable people by highlighting unacceptable social differences “.

“During the process of sharing the lines of intervention in the Prefecture – the regional councilor for the house, Alessandro Mattinzoli echoed – Aler Milano has already carried out most of the preparatory activities for the redevelopment. Today’s resolution specifies the methods of action and the necessary resources, outlines the formalities necessary for the requalification that will involve all the institutional subjects that have competence in the field of public order, safety and social policies “. “We – underlined Mattinzoli – have done all our work with the planning, financing and mobility at our expense of the regulars. Now it is up to the Table coordinated by the Prefecture to proceed with the evictions to allow the work to be carried out. With all due respect for frailties, these cannot be used as an excuse to extend the time required for securing the neighborhood. I do not hear anyone invoke the issue of frailties precisely for the 24,000 families on the waiting list for many years, although many of these have In addition, the most relevant point at this moment – he continued – is to fight illegality by protecting decent citizens who cannot live the peaceful life they deserve. this is a first step to bring all other areas back to normal “.

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“Once again, therefore – concluded Fontana and Mattinzoli – the Lombardy region confirms its commitment to improve the conditions of its housing stock. The specific case of via Bolla is of particular significance for the critical issues concerning the social and safety context that concern these buildings. We are doing our part, it is necessary that we act strongly and rigorously, on every front, to guarantee the commitment of all. Above all as regards compliance with the rules “.