34th Provincial Festival of the “Daniel Nassif” Theater in Santiago del Estero

The National Theater Institute (INT), a body under the Ministry of Culture, through the provincial representation of Santiago del Estero and in conjunction with the Undersecretary of Culture of the Province, carries out, from the November 14 to 20the 34th Provincial Party of the Theater “Daniel Nassif”.

In this meeting, sponsored by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Undersecretary of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of the Provincial Capital, will present 14 plays, in competition. in 8 rooms of the capital city and Fríaswho will seek a place in the National Theater Festival of 2023. In addition, they will be dictated 6 free workshops with renowned professionals in the performing arts.

The mars 15 at 18 h will be presented lunatics (dance-theater, for adults) of the group La Sala, in the space Pocha Ramos (Rioja and Irigoyen, City of Frías). At 22 h, Oliverio (comedy-absurd by Dario Cortes and Oliverio Girondo, for adults) from the group Socialize -SDE in ADATISE (Av. Libertad 175).

The wednesday 16 at 20 h will go on stage baring my soul (unipersonal, for all audiences) of the group Son only seconds in Focus (Posadas (e) 96). Then at 22 h the party continues with Search in zambas (dance-theater, for adults) of the Modern Folklore Project group at the House of History and Culture of the Bicentennial (Olaechea and Mendoza).

The thursday 17 at 15:30 h the curtain opens for Rainbow Home (children) of the group *Crepusculares en la House of History and Culture of the Bicentennial. At 20 h we can enjoy *** Desnudandonos *** (dance-theater, for adults) by the Teatriños group in Focus and closes at 22 hthe play ***Espíritu de cuerpo*** (tragic comedy, for people over 13 years old) by the group Melpóneme in ADATISE.

The Friday the 18th at 18 h Presents itself A visit from another planet (children’s musical) by Brenda Show at the Bicentennial Cultural Center (Av. Freedom 439). At 20 h come on stage campfire stories (Storytelling-clown, for all audiences) from the Imagina group in the Home for boys and girls Eva Perón (Balcarce and September 24). At the end of the day, at 22 h Presents itself Nothing in particular (dance-theater, for adults), from the group El Borde in Focus.

The saturday 19 at 20 h come on stage Typescripts in game (dance-theater, for all audiences) of the Fusa group in space life in dance (Av. Moreno (n) 285). And to the 22 h Presents itself Knowledge (dance-theater, for all audiences) of the group Danza Así in Focus.

On the last day of the festival, domingo 20 at 18 hPresents itself Bad Wolf and the Two Little Pigs (children) of the Barrilete theater group in ADATISE. And to the 20 h the competition closes the work Gorda (performative theatrical installation, for over 14 years) of the group The Anvil Theaterin Hercules room (Hércules Ochiuzzi 376).

On the other hand, within the framework of the provincial festival, there will be six free and face-to-face trainings with renowned professionals in the performing arts: Playwriting Workshopin charge of Gladys Gomez (Chaco); Stage Production and Management Workshopin charge of Brahín Carrillo (Tucumán); Clown workshop “The stage presence of the clown” in charge of Pablo Mellace (Tucumán); Clown workshop “Knowing your clown” by La Comediabla (Tucumán); Lighting Workshop “The actor as an illuminator” con Andy Guzman (Santiago del Estero) and the Table-panel Butterflies in action: the performative body as a weapon and territoryby the performing group Butterflies (Santiago del Estero).

For more information about the workshops, place, days, hours and registration write to WhatsApp 3854964891.