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The election commission of St. Petersburg canceled 35 ballots at the polling station where David Frenkel’s journalist was broken arm. This was announced by Oleg Zatsepa, a member of the city election commission with a casting vote, reports TASS.

According to him, only ballots in the portable ballot box for amendments to the Constitution were canceled, since the validity of other protocols did not raise doubts.

“The Commission considered it possible and necessary to ballots contained in the corresponding portable box, invalidate,” said Zatsepa at a briefing. He added that “drawbacks were made in the registration of the results of the vote using the box.”

The Kremlin declared the need to investigate journalist’s injury

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The official representative of the St. Petersburg election commission, Grigory Margolin, noted that the Investigative Committee will give a legal assessment of what happened on the site.

On June 30, Frenkel said that during a vote on constitutional amendments at a polling station No. 2191 in St. Petersburg, he had a conflict with police officers. He claimed that he had come to the station and introduced himself, after which the head of the PEC asked the police to withdraw the journalist. “They grabbed me by the arm, twisted my arm, knocked me to the floor and punched me in the right forearm. After that, the hand cracked, ”said Frankel. He later said that the hospital confirmed a broken arm.

St. Petersburg Election Commission declared police not involved in journalist trauma

Victor Minenko

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In the St. Petersburg Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was reported that the chairman of the PEC asked the police to help remove a person who impeded the work of the commission. The Interior Ministry noted that the officers acted within the law, but indicated that they would check if a complaint was received about the actions of the police.

After that, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said that the materials on the incident from Frenkel were transferred to the Investigative Committee. On July 1, Viktor Minenko, chairman of the St. Petersburg election commission, announced that no one was pushing the journalist, and that he broke his arm in the fall. At the same time, Minenko emphasized that Frenkel himself created a conflict situation and behaved provocatively.

How voted on amendments to the Constitution

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