35,400 trees planted by 2023!

“We had never seen that in Thionville for 50 years! Forced in recent months to reserve his interventions to the sensitive issue of vaccination, Jean-Christophe Hamelin-Boyer is not the kind of man to ignite. But last Monday, evening of city council, this elected member of the majority came out of the woods with passion. For good reason: Thionville will benefit from the recovery plan proposed by the State in order to help communities restore forests. “A first in Moselle”, highlights the municipal councilor.

Concretely, this device will make it possible to repopulate a forest area of ​​16.5 hectares located in Œutrange, “above the football field”. Disguised, this vast plot is painfully recovering from serious pathologies relating to attacks by bark beetles and processionary caterpillars. This (good) government plan will fill the void. Important silvicultural work will be able to be carried out there: in detail, it is a question of carrying out grinding operations prior to regeneration, ensuring the supply and installation of protective netting and finally concluding with the implementation. place of seedlings. Total amount of the investment: € 162,000 eligible for 80% subsidy.

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Return on investment

Spread over the 2021-2023 period, this program aims to plant 29,200 trees “adapted to climate change”. By adding the two other replanting operations already in progress, a total of 35,400 new trees will repopulate the Thionville communal forest from 2023: “A good investment for the future of Thionville residents knowing that a single tree captures 50 kilos of carbon per year, ”recalls Jean-Christophe Hamelin-Boyer. But also a very good investment for the city’s accounts, as evidenced by the examination of the following point devoted to 2021 revenue from logging in the Thionville forest estate. These generate a net operating result close to € 30,000: “Some years, cuts can bring in € 50,000, or even € 70,000. When I talk about return on investment, we are there ”.

More in the symbol, this recovery plan also echoes the municipal program called “a tree, a birth”. It is a question here of linking the environmental cause with the new maternity unit of the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville. Not sure, however, that the rate of births in Thionville matches this profound reforestation …