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36 major industries invest heavily in the blockchain

For 2018, the markets started in a generally positive direction and have now begun to reverse. The Dow plunged more than 665 points, posting the largest weekly decline in more than two years. As traditional markets decline, investors immediately begin to re-evaluate their risk tolerance, and Crypto Currency (CC) investors re-evaluate risk even more, given the entire discussion of volatility in this market space. These are not the main usual economic factors behind the fall of venture capital, but of fear, which is extremely contagious in all categories of investment. Markets are largely motivated by human fear and greed, two emotions that prevent most investors from succeeding in the long run. A cold analysis, coupled with "smart" buying / selling strategies, removes the emotions from your investment decisions and paves the way for success. Strong bull markets need to be corrected from time to time in order to restore balance and prepare the ground for the next ramp up.

CC exchanges can be significantly less agile than major stock exchanges; However, there are several CC exchanges that accept limited buy and sell orders. The use of these facilities as part of an "entry and exit" strategy is highly recommended.

Throughout the month of January, news in developing country markets was mainly focused on lowering prices for almost all parts. The price decreases of the candidate countries preceded the general decline of the stock markets and are a response to the increasing number of national governments that either want to ban such companies or increase their ability to control them. tax them. With all the fears that are now being generated in traditional stock markets, this is a perfect storm in which investors in CC countries gain multiple sources of fear.

Welcome to the world of cryptos, where you can make a fortune in a few months and see things crash even faster. Clearly, investing in cryptography other than a small portion of your portfolio is a risky proposition. But if you believe, as we do, that the basic concepts of Bitcoin and other cryptos, especially the blockchain distributed database, are valid, then it makes sense to invest in cryptos, and particularly indirectly in cryptos. blockchain infrastructure that supports crypto currencies. which is growing in many other sectors.

Today, more than 36 major industries are investing heavily in blockchain technology to revolutionize their industry, reducing or eliminating costs, and dramatically improving efficiency and transparency. We are talking about a wide range of industries, including:

  • banking
  • forces of order
  • messaging apps and ride
  • IoT (Internet of things)
  • online storage
  • stock trading
  • Insurance
  • Health care
  • elections
  • global forecast
  • retail
  • supply chain management
  • gift cards and loyalty programs
  • government and public archives
  • charity
  • credit history
  • wills and legacies
  • and many other industries

We believe that we have years of incredible change before us before this market finally settles on a standard. Yes, many cryptos come and go, but like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, there will be some big winners.

Stay tuned!


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