37% of those recovered from Covid-19 show symptoms six months after infection – World

One in three people infected with the new coronavirus experience at least one prolonged symptom of Covid-19 three to six months after infection, suggests a new study carried out by Oxford University, not UK.

Much of the existing research on the disease has been based on symptoms reported by people infected with Covid-19 or on small studies.

Oxford University Researchers, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and the Oxford Health and Biomedicine Research Center, both in the UK, launched a new approach to the scale of the disease after analyzing more than 27,000 US recoveries.

The study found that 37% of patients had at least one long-term Covid-19-derived symptom, diagnosed three to six months after infection. The most common symptoms reported were respiratory problems, abdominal symptoms, fatigue and anxiety or depression. “The results confirm that a significant proportion of people, of various ages, can experience a range of symptoms and difficulties within six months of Covid-19 infection,” said NIHR academic clinician Dr. Max Taquet. “More than a third of patients were diagnosed with at least one of Covid’s prolonged symptoms three to six months after Covid-19 infection.”

The severity of the infection, age, and gender are factors that affect the onset of prolonged Covid symptoms, according to data from TriNetX’s electronic health records network, the US data platform. Prolonged symptoms from the infection were more frequent in hospitalized people and slightly more common in women, the study published in the journal showed. PLOS Medicine.

Different factors also contributed to influencing symptoms were more likely to speak out. For example, older people and men had more breathing difficulties and cognitive problems, while younger people and women had more headaches, abdominal symptoms and anxiety or depression. Also the patients admitted to hospitals were more likely to suffer from cognitive problems compared to people who were not admitted, the research analyzed.The study also looked at the same symptoms, but in people who were recovering from the flu, as may manifest prolonged symptoms similar to those seen in some patients in the same situation with Covid, the study suggests. However, the most persistent symptoms occur in a much shorter span of time in those who have had the flu. The symptoms associated with Covid’s “extension” discovered the researchers.


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