& # 39; & # 39 Disrespectful!; The audience delivers the BRUTAL rating of the Brexit plot of Theresa May


Theresa May's Brexit plan was torn apart by a disgruntled public for her controversial Checkers plan.

Despite criticism from Leave party supporters in her own party and the EU leaders, Theresa May has vowed to stick to her strategy.

In the Channel 4 News "Brexit: What the Nation's Really Thinks", a viewer addresses the prime minister's Brexit plan.

She said, "The red lines are very clear. We want to depart from the European Union by regulatory means. Checkers does not allow that.

"We want to control the immigration policy, Checkers does not seem to allow that.

"We will still oversee the ECJ and that is very disrespectful and the euphemistic language of Checkers is very problematic because it creates mistrust.

"It does what people have always been suspicious of. With Maastricht and Lisbon, only the consequences of these things became clear, five to ten years later. "

The Channel 4 News Show unveiled a series of polls showing that 54 percent of people would vote to stay in the EU if the 2016 referendum were held tomorrow.

In Survation's survey, 20,000 people were interviewed online in the United Kingdom in the largest independent Brexit poll from October 20 to November 2.

The poll conducted by the pollster revealed that 105 councils that voted in favor of Leave in 2016 would now choose Remain.

Nigel Farage, former Ukip boss, said on the show: "We have not heard the Brexit argument of the last 18 months, and we still have 46 percent.

"If the people's democratic will is overthrown and betrayed and they force us to vote again, we would gain a much bigger lead next time."

Barry Gardiner, Shadow International's Foreign Minister, said, "I think you showed that our nation is still incredibly divided."

In his response to the poll, Justice Secretary David Gauke added: "A decision has been made, of course we are at the end of a negotiation, at a time when we all have to accept a lot of uncertainty, and at this point I'm not at all surprised there was a setback to Remain.

"I think if we get a deal, it might be good that we can go back if we do not make a deal, then I guess there will be another swing to Remain."


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