After a decade and 20 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are curious how the fight against Thanos sets in Avenger 4, But many are hopeful to see some returning faces, even if they have not been seen for a while.

A new fan theory points to the return of Thor's earlier love interest, Jane Foster, with some key references from previous Marvel films that established her return. Watch it below:

In Thor The Dark World, Jane Foster calls an Asguardian machine Quantum Field Generator. Could your rumor mill in Avengers 4 have anything to do with Quantum Realm? from r / FanTheories

As the theory says Thor: The dark world makes the first setup for the opportunity when Jane questions Asgard's Soul Forge and compares it to a Quantum Field Generator. She specifically explains her purpose by saying that she "transfers molecular energy from one place to another".

This could be due to the events of Ant-Man and the wasp, in which the franchise has made a fuss about building the Quantum Realm, where the limits of the possibilities still need to be tested. As Janet van Dyne warns Scott Lang in the post-credit scenes of the film, he must pay attention to Time Vortexes in Quantum Realm.

Many fans assumed that this would lead to time travel playing an important role in the sequel Avengers: Infinity Waralong with set photos and other rumors that have swirled around the movie.

It remains to be seen if Foster has survived the snapshot, but if she does (and if she is in the movie), then there is no doubt that she would be a powerful ally in the Avengers' attempts, the effects of Thanos & # 39; ; Undo snapshot.

It would be a good place to take Foster back to the Marvel fans, provided the actress Natalie Portman is back to return. And even though she has a busy schedule, it seems that there is still a possibility that she will be added Avenger 4 if she was not already.

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo recently went into the Marvelist podcast and talked about the upcoming movie, which revealed that they still have not finished the end.

"We're not just doing reshoots, we're going to finish the movie we did not really get ready when we left it last year … I do not even know they really know it." Said Ruffalo. "Something happens while we're there, it's pretty amazing, and we're going to do a few things and come back and do it a few days later, because we want to take it another way, it's a very living organism, even as we approach a closed picture, we are still working on it. "

We'll see if Foster returns and possibly becomes the new Thor Avengers: Infinity War Premieres in cinemas on 3 May 2019.



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