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After watching Rick Grimes's last "Curveball" episode on Sunday night and hearing the news Andrew Lincoln will be in three main roles TWD In television movies, we still had a lot of questions about our favorite zombie killer drama.

So ET called Living Dead showrunner Angela Kang and asked her our burning questions for the series: how long have these? Living Dead Movies were part of the plan? Did we see the last of Maggie? (Lauren Cohan)? Are the wanderers developing? And why not Carl? (Chandler Riggs) or Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) in one of Rick's dream sequences?

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ET: As showrunner of the Walking Dead How long do you know this season that Andrew Lincoln's "last episode" is not the last time we'll ever see Rick Grimes?

Angela Kang: I knew that for a long time. From the moment I knew we had to announce it, I knew the plan was to get him involved in these other projects, but since this is not my area, I did not have to talk about it. Scott Gimple – who wrote these films and planned the expansion of the universe – somehow said, "Okay, I have to do something: Rick has to fly away with a helicopter." He told me what the backstory is for these people's philosophy, and although I do not know everything that's planned for this movie, we said, "Okay, that's a pretty cool story." So we could start to sow the things we needed to make sure the history of the helicopter in the world is back to life, hopefully a little misleading as he leaves the show. So that was a great gift that we knew early on and that's what we were aiming for the whole time.

The Walking Dead, Rick and Hershel


It was great to see well-known faces that we have not seen in a long time coming back into the picture with Shane (Jon Bernthal), Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) – there were conversations with Chandler at all Riggs or Sarah Warne Callies are coming back so we can see Carl and Lori?

AK: No, actually, and I'll tell you why: it's a story reason. It's not something we expect fans to find out, it's just part of our internal logic. We really started to dive into this notion of something called "the third man phenomenon." This usually happens in humans when they are close to death but actually survive. They sometimes think they see someone they either know or someone they do not know could help them with their survival. It's like someone caught on a mountain in the snow and a Sherpa coming out of nowhere and they'll swear that person led them down the mountain – unless they've never been there. So that's the context we used for these hallucinations and those dreams. Each of these three characters indicates a specific piece of the puzzle he needs to keep going: Shane tears him open, but urges him to the brutal courage he needs. Hershel represents like a vision of heaven – a place where he can rest his heart. He is a father figure to him, he gently tells him to keep going. And Sasha as a soldier really gives some wisdom, strategy and the idea of ​​a bigger picture. For us, Lori and Carl were the family he was looking for. They are some sort of endpoint he wants to get to, but for a dying man who feels like finding Lori and Carl, that means it's time to rest because you've found your home, and They will die now. We thought his mind would not allow him to see these two because he is trying to continue the family he has now, all of whom are his friends and Michonne. He has to save her, he can not stop – and if he saw Laurie and Carl, he would stop. That's what we thought creatively, why he does not see Carl, but he hears Loriis voice for a moment.

Now, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the rest of the group believe that Rick died of this explosion. How will this affect the future group?

AK: You know that this is a big part of the story and I think what really upset me is that we have the opportunity to tell the story of the leadership with the left behind characters. The story begins six years later, Rick's presence and influence are definitely felt in the way in which they either try to maintain the messages they believe or the way they have strayed from them. But this memory is very much alive and we will learn in the post-war days that they searched for it and searched for it. Judith appears at the end of the fifth episode and she has her father's weapon, so she came from somewhere. We're dealing with characters who were unable to find the closure they wanted, and that's definitely something that bothers everyone. We'll also see that Rick was really many steps ahead of the people to imagine what the future might be like if they were not all working together. He knew this bridge – figuratively as well as literally – connected these communities, so this is part of the story we are going to tell in the future, and I look forward to seeing people do it.

The walking dead Judith


We are now six years into the future and from what we have seen, the wanderers seem to be evolving. Can you talk a little bit about it and the new obstacles faced by the remaining members?

AK: We are in a really exciting part of the story, we will go into the "The Whisperers" story from the comic book, which deals with this question: Will the wanderers evolve? How do we deal with a threat we do not understand? So there is definitely a puzzle and the twists and turns as well as lots of action, excitement and excitement. This story, just like in the comics, will really try to pay tribute to how brilliantly this was planned. I say that this group is dealing with the scariest threats they ever had, and it's completely different from anything we've ever done on the show.

Are we talking about Maggie – was this the last episode of Lauren Cohan? Can you talk a bit about their departure and if we will ever see them again?

AK: So that was Lauren & # 39; s last video for the season. Lauren also has other wonderful opportunities, but we're eager to share our stories with Maggie, and Lauren is thrilled with that. These are just things that take some things and time. We have a very clear idea of ​​where Maggie is in the universe and what she does, and we have some stuff to do with the next story we would tell. We are really excited and we are so privileged to have her for those five episodes this season because I think she has done absolutely outstanding work.

The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan


Some accepted the fact that we wanted to say goodbye to Rick Grimes, and it has now become known that Andrew Lincoln will not be in one, but in three new films. What would you say to the fans who were ready to silence Rick's chapter?

AK: What we wanted to do with the show is the feeling of a sense of inference – but closing one door, another opened a door for us. What I heard in the[[[[TWD Fan]Universe is really exciting and I think, and I hope it's the stuff that will thrill the fans. Above all, I heard the reaction that people were relieved that they did not have to die Rick because he was an inspiration to so many people and millions of fans around the world. I hope people will roll with us and we have so many great stories with the rest of the cast, and I think that's what we really focus on.

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