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& # 39; Whitey & # 39; Bulger's killers wrapped him in a blanket to hide the deadly attack

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By Andrew Blankstein, Tom Winter and Rich Schapiro

Boston detective James "Whitey" Bulger, who had been suffocated and beaten to death in his jail cell, was wrapped in a blanket and placed in bed to make him look asleep, several police officers told NBC News Thursday.

Bulger's killers went so far as to rest their head on the pillow after repeatedly using a padlock to push it into a sock, officials said, informing about the case.

The grim details show for the first time efforts to hide the murder of the 89-year-old wheelchair gangster, who was found to be unresponsive at around 8:20 am in Hazelton, West Virginia, on Tuesday.

The investigators are committing several potential suspects, including a New England mafia hitman who is reportedly detesting foreclosures, and investigating why a prisoner as prominent as Bulger was taken into the populace.

The officers said the federal investigation is also investigating the circumstances that forced Bulger to move from a Florida penal facility to West Virginia, where violence and staff shortages prevailed.

In the last six months, two more inmates have been killed in Hazelton, and the number of workers has led union officials and politicians to demand a new wave of employment to strengthen security.

USP Hazelton Federal Penitentiary.
USP Hazelton Federal Penitentiary.Federal Office of Prisons

The prison announced Thursday that it has suspended the inmate visits until further notice. No further information was provided.

Bulger, who was driving the Irish crowd in Boston while tipping the FBI to weaken his rivals, arrived the night before his assassination at West Virginia Prison.

He was deported north after experiencing several violations in the Coleman prison in Florida.

Bulger was cited for masturbating in front of a male employee in 2015 and threatened a nurse in February this year.

"Your day of reckoning is upon us," he told a worker, according to a law enforcement agency.

Bulger was put in solitary confinement and stayed there until October 23, when he was transferred to a transfer facility in Oklahoma.

The geriatric gangster arrived in Hazelton at 18:45. Monday night according to prison records.

A prison staff member told NBC News that Bulger was rolling out of a prison bus in his wheelchair. Records show that he was taken to his cell at 9:53. According to the statement of a prison employee, the home furnishings were already locked up at this time.

But when a new inmate arrives in a residential area, the other inmates are usually notified, said the employee.

"It's almost as you see it in the movies," the worker said.

According to the law enforcement authorities, Bulger agreed to be accommodated to the general population.

But the once dreaded mob boss and FBI informant did not last long there.

The nocturnal closure will be canceled at 5am after the prisoner count. The inmates are then released from their cells to go to the dining room and offer a prisoner the opportunity to attack a fellow inmate.

According to law enforcement information, Bulger did not react in his cell when he did not show up for breakfast.

Federal investigators are investigating Bulger's medical classification when he was transferred to West Virginia. There are four levels of medical care at the Bureau of Prison, with the higher number representing worse health.


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