390 thousand Smolyan vaccinated against influenza in 2018
                                            In the administration of the region, under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Oksana Loboda, a meeting of the regional sanitary and epidemiological commission was held, during which the readiness of the Smolensk region for the upcoming epidemic season was discussed. According to the regional Rospotrebnadzor, in the Smolensk region during 2017-2018, the epidemic situation for influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). In particular, the patients did not have significant complications, there were no lethal cases, the educational process in schools was not suspended for a long time. In many respects, this result was achieved thanks to a large-scale vaccination campaign, involving about 383,000 people – 41.5% of the region's population. Speaking about the forthcoming epidemic season, it was noted that this year it is planned to vaccinate almost 390,000 people. For this, the appropriate immunobiological medicinal products are already purchased. In the national calendar of preventive vaccinations, in early August, 144 thousand doses of the vaccine "Sovigripp", intended for the immunization of the adult population, were received. At the end of August, about 30 thousand doses of the Ultrix vaccine were purchased – for immunization of pregnant women and children. Approximately vaccination campaign of this party will end in early October. It should be noted that in the near future, next deliveries to the region of a vaccine against influenza are expected, the vaccination will be continued. In addition, in the region's medical organization, a thousand doses of the Grippol plus vaccine, which was purchased from the regional budget for immunization of citizens subject to conscription for military service, are distributed. As for pneumococcal infection, the vaccination plan for 8 months of this year was 72% complete, including , among the children's population – by 63.7%. In continuation of the topic, the participants in the meeting discussed the practical readiness of health institutions to provide medical care to ARVI patients. It was especially noted that medical organizations of the region are fully prepared to receive patients with viral infections and flu, regardless of the number of applicants. In particular, assistance to the population will be provided on the basis of 22 infectious departments of 16 health facilities, where 373 infectious beds function, including 328 round-the-clock and 45-day patients. It is worth noting that, if necessary, the number of seats can be increased to 1450. Currently, 33 infectious disease doctors and 176 average medical workers of the infectious profile work in the region. The total number of specialists ready to help patients with influenza is about 8 thousand people. Additionally, employees and residents of the Smolensk State Medical University, students of medical colleges, clinical psychologists are involved. In addition, 298 visiting vaccination teams were formed in the Smolensk region. According to the information of the regional Health Department, the provision of medical facilities with medicines and medical equipment necessary for the treatment of patients with influenza is monitored. So, in accordance with the estimated need, the Smolensk region is fully provided with devices for artificial lung ventilation, pulse oximeters, sanitary vehicles, personal respiratory protection, antiviral drugs, disinfectants and medicines for post-dandruff therapy. Last year, for the Clinical Hospital No. 1, at the expense of the regional budget, an apparatus was purchased for performing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, which is intended for the treatment of severe pneumonia. The municipalities are also preparing for the forthcoming epidemic season. For example, in the Smolensk region on the basis of the hospital of the central district hospital in the neurological department, 15 beds are being redeployed with the goal of hospitalization of infectious patients. The vaccination campaign is also being carried out: the vaccination of the adult population with the "Sovigripp" preparation has been fully completed, and the vaccination of children has started. "Dear colleagues, a strong request to keep this issue under control, because the period of virus activity begins, which means that the incidence rate may increase. On the basis of how correctly, timely and competently measures are taken, the result of the upcoming epidemic season depends, "Oksana Loboda, the vice-governor, stressed.


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