3D printing company EOS and Hyperganic announce partnership

3D printing company EOS has entered into an exclusive partnership with Hyperganic for algorithmic engineering. Hyperganic aims to drive innovation in engineering with its software platform and continue to work to turn ideas into designs in minutes. We present the details of the cooperation once.


Hyperganic and EOS logosAccording to a LinkedIn post, 3D printing company EOS has entered into an exclusive partnership with company Hyperganic. Hyperganic aims to support innovation in engineering through its software platform that creates parts, structures and entire machines through computer algorithms and artificial intelligence to advance the field of space propulsion.

Adjust CAD designs even more easily

Although CAD systems have simplified the drafting of ideas, it is still difficult to adapt small changes in the design. Each iteration costs time and money, which is why CAD-based approaches force engineers to design conservatively. However, freedom of design is a guiding principle of AM, enabling device structures and applications that could not be produced using traditional production methods. The partnership between EOS and Hyperganic aims to improve the customization problem.

Aerospike rocket driveAerospike rocket drive
The 3D printed Aerospike engine (pictured) serves as an example of the benefits of Hyperganic’s platform (Image © Hyperganic).

The Aerospike rocket engine designed by Hyperganic and manufactured by EOS and AMCM is a good example. Considered an engineering and manufacturing challenge, the aerospike engine was developed using an algorithmic model from Hyperganic. In just a few days, one of hundreds of Hyperganic designs was then printed without support on the EOS M400-4 using the newly developed EOS NickelAlloy IN718 process. The aerospike engine could be automatically reworked for production on a much larger AMCM M 4K system in EOS CopperAlloy CuCrZr. Both partners state that combining this level of design complexity with the ability to reliably print at this scale will drive new innovations.

The partners about their cooperation

dr Hans J. Langer, Founder of EOS said:

“As a consistent and pioneering innovator, we are now collaborating with Hyperganic to usher in another paradigm shift in AM. It’s a design shift that expands both solution spaces and performance levels. At the same time, it will revolutionize the design process for AM and make AM a truly digital workflow, from software-generated algorithmic engineering to digital manufacturing.”

Lin Kayser, CEO of Hyperganic said:

“We are very pleased to be working with EOS on this industry-first collaboration. Algorithmic engineering turns ideas into designs in minutes, with the engineer setting the rules and the computer generating the results. In particular, the space propulsion space, which still uses very conservative designs, will benefit greatly from algorithmic engineering.”