3D technology at the service of your business, IMONI Studios, press release

These images are now possible with the creation of digital showrooms to promote your products. The communication agency IMONI Studios tells you more.

A virtual showroom is an innovative solution for brands and buyers to engage the public and sell their products on an online platform. This entirely virtual space simulates a physical environment and incorporates 3D replicas of items. Users can view the product in question from different angles and zoom in and out while walking through the showroom. From creating avatars to 3D scanning real products, all sorts of modalities can be applied. While most of us still use a computer to experiment with this concept, the most accessible solution to date, the virtual reality headset, is likely to become the new standard in a few years. Downloading the game will also become obsolete in favor of streaming.

This new form of marketing advertising is gaining popularity due to the health crisis in 2021. A number of museums have started organizing 3D virtual tours where visitors can admire their art collection and freely click on the interactive dots. In the fashion industry, immersive 360-degree spaces have replaced runway shows and created real hype in the blogosphere. From the collaboration between Balenciaga and Epic Games came the famous game “Afterworld; Age of Tomorrow” that introduced the concept of the metaverse in all its glory.

You don’t have to plan as much as you used to to book a showroom. The virtual showroom can be used in the B2B area for the presentation of technical products, machines of all sizes, software or in the B2C area for other items such as clothing, furnishings and electronics. With the right promotion, visitors only need one link to access and purchase the products.

While this process is growing in popularity, finding the right partner, purchasing server space, and getting set up remains a challenge. For this reason, IMONI Studios, our communication and public relations agency, offers you its services to develop a virtual showroom tailored to your needs, in addition to the commercial strategies that we traditionally provide.

IMONI Studios have honed their craft and can create for you 3D videos with hotspots similar to those previously created and presented on our website. Each idea can be developed to surprise your audience and catch the attention of the younger generation. As digital showrooms become more and more important in the market, by using this technology you can offer your customers the most innovative ways to shop.