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3G Internet in Cuba: first impressions – Cubanet

Havana Cuba. – "The connection is unstable, the IMO froze several times, it is an unfortunate service considering the high price it has, 7 CUC is almost half of the salary of any worker and 600MB are spent quite fast, only on the morning of today, IMO spent more than 200 MB talking to Cubanet, Alexandra González, who, like many Cubans, had been waiting for ETECSA's new service for years, the monopoly of communications on the island.

As announced on the Round Table program last Tuesday, December 4, today the Internet began operating through the 3G network in Cuba, which is why a Cubannet team tested the connection and the average speed of 1MB, equivalent at 128KB download.

"A long-awaited service that has disappointed us. It will be a total disaster. Anyone who does not know that mobile phones constantly seek updates and that there are applications running in the background will run out of data quickly. The tariff for consumption is a big scam, 0.10 CUC for each mega is a robbery, we are talking about that just opening the cover of any large site would be discounting a dollar or more, "said Alain Hernández, a young computer graduate from the University of Computer Science (UCI).


At the Round Table, Tania Velázquez Rodríguez, vice president of strategies and technology business at ETECSA, said the connection will be free and unrestricted. However, many sites, especially the independent press, remain blocked and can only be accessed using a VPN such as: Psiphon or alternative applications that use this protocol as Cubanet + Psiphon. Something similar to what happens in the Wi-Fi zones.

"In the Roundtable, they emphasized the importance of national content. The Internet packages bring a gift voucher of 300 MB for national navigation, but in the Cuban network there is very little interesting content and there are few services. The only thing I used from the national network was the ToDus, because it was free, "said Rubén Martínez, who emphasized that" the national connection should be free. "

Yordanis Barroso, medical student, says that with 1 GB on YouTube, not much is done.

"I bought a one-pack of Giga and spent it in 2 hours. The only thing I did was watch videos on YouTube. I feel cheated because I thought that with that I could sail a lot. ETECSA should know that here the average salary is only 24 dollars per month, so we would be working a whole month to get only 2.5 GB of connection. I think Wi-Fi zones are more uncomfortable, but in the long run it's cheaper. "


In Cuba there are 789 radio bases for 3G and only 66% of the population has access to this technology, not to mention that many mobile phones that have entered the country through different routes do not have the 900 MHz band, so they will be unusable for use the Internet by mobile data.

According to Freedom House, an NGO that measures the state of political rights and civil liberties, Cuba is one of the countries with the least connectivity in the world.


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