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For three months, a group of influencers were locked up in the Like House villa, from which they could go home for the weekend, but even so, a lot of scandals took place there, which the audience will not forget. Let’s now recall the 4 biggest cases that shook this reality show.

A romance between Marek Valášek and Bára Stříteský

However, the first bigger party was enough and Marek found a liking in the nice fitness of Bára Stříteský, with whom he picked up a wild kiss on the kitchen counter.

There was immediate speculation about what the two had together, and some information leaked from the villa. “I have information directly from Like House. The woodpecker was supposed to get really drunk the first night and sleep with Bara, “said a source who did not want to be named.

Soon another person from the vicinity of the filming called the editor, who said that Datel and Bára fell asleep side by side every day.

At first, the two rejected the allegations. “We’re definitely just friends. I talked to my girlfriend Niki that things like this could happen. And if it’s just a friendship, I think he’ll understand, “the Woodpecker reassured the fans.

But as we now know, the hammering was of no value to them. The two of them burned with love for each other, and to make it easy, Markova’s ex Nikol came to the villa with them to say it.

I came to comment because no one gave me space. When I wanted to comment, I was cut off. It seems to me that Marek doesn’t realize how much it has hit me“Nikol righted indignantly.

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You contradict each other, you and Barča wrote before the very beginning of Like House. You reassured me that you didn’t like Bara. You’re a fool. When it happened on that line, we went together, “she added and left the villa.

Pissed Marie Rosecká and Adam Kajumi with an erection

In the reality show Like House, there was also a talk about the biggest embarrassments. In the whirlpool and strengthened with alcohol, the competitors confided in each other with peppercorn stories.

I once laughed so hard that I peed in front of my best friend. That happened to everyone, “the influencer Marie Rosecká laughed.

Tiktoker Adam Kajumi remembered an erection in front of the whole class. “I liked a classmate at the gym, I was totally peeked into it. Once she sat next to me and accidentally touched my leg, I had a brutal erection. And because we were disturbing, the teacher called me in front of the blackboard… I walked in front, I covered my hand. Then she told me that I was five and that I could sit down. I started to back away, but the whole class saw me, “Adam revealed.

Debts of Marek Valášek

After the scandal with Bára, it turned out to the public that Marek Valášek had great debts. Marek owes around two million crowns, because he apparently did not pay taxes on the money earned on YouTube and the social networks that feed him.

The influencer did not even have to pay for social and health insurance, and he also said more than one loan. Mark’s solution smells like he is trying to “pee” the state. In publicly available documents, they claim that they do not have any assets at their disposal.

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As soon as his debts were settled in Like House, Marek gathered himself, barricaded himself in the room and then threatened to leave the entire competition.

His beloved Bára stood by him the whole time, who was obviously not discouraged by the giant debts of her new partner.

Rasismus v Like House

Few spectators and fans expected that this topic would be addressed at Like House. It all started as innocent fun at first.

Tiktokerka Djany, known for her obsessive desire to keep everything clean and tidy, went to shout at Angie to clean up her pig in the bathroom. “At the beginning it was really fun, it was a theatrical performance for us. We always die of it, but then it hurt what she said, “Djany explained.
Alcohol-fortified Angie didn’t like Djana’s pleasure and drew a very sharp vocabulary. “You’re a fucking slanted racist. Should I be a cleaning lady here? You’re moralizing about shit here. What do you think I am? Some fucking slave?”

And Djany immediately attacked back. “You’re acting like the biggest fuck here. You’re crawling here after all. Just look at yourself, you have a boyfriend and you’re crawling here after Jenis, Tom, Adam.”

But in the end, the girls said it all, Angie admitted her mistake, and their friendship continues.