4 billion orders after the buyers’ tour in Abruzzo

The tour of the Arab managers in Abruzzo ends with a mountain of kebabs and other typical quality products arriving in the rich Arab market after the saffron dop of L’Aquila: truffles, oil, coffee, cheeses, ice cream, dry pasta, meat, jams , typical sweets and even mineral water.

In particular, for the arrosticini the exclusivity was requested: with 4 million orders, the most famous Abruzzo skewers in the world have literally broken into the hearts of the 29 buyers of large-scale distribution and hospitality of Saudi Arabia on tour since last Saturday in Abruzzo, on the initiative of the Region, to visit the historical, cultural and environmental beauties but also to meet about thirty Abruzzo entrepreneurs in B2B.

Today, at the end of the two days of commercial negotiations that took place at the Villa Maria hotel in Francavilla, the first agreements were signed for the export of Abruzzo’s excellence.

“Only today we have signed supply contracts for a value of 4 million euros, in particular for 20 thousand cartons of tomato puree, for honey, for extra virgin olive oil, for pasta, for gluten free products, and with my company for 20 tons a month of your excellent kebabs, and we are already proceeding to obtain the Halal certification “declares the head of the Arab delegation, Jalal Thamer Osman confirming the desire to create a solid collaboration,” given the quality of your products. We will be able to offer Abruzzo entrepreneurs our logistics network, to easily transport products from Abruzzo to Arab countries, without any complications, supporting our partners in all the steps necessary for the export action “.

The visit to Abruzzo, which touched all four provinces, was defined by the vice president of the Abruzzo regional council with responsibility for agriculture, Emanuele Imprudente, and by Giuseppe Savini, president of the regional agency for productive activities (Arap) “Very positive at a time when the economy is certainly not shining in the light of the post-pandemic and the war in Ukraine which directly affects Europe”.

“It is a success that follows the positive missions at the Expo in Dubai and Brussels during which we initiated contacts and relationships based on a precise internationalization plan drawn up by Arap – adds Imprudente – focused on the promotion of the Abruzzo brand through the connection of food and wine excellences with the environmental, historical and cultural beauties of our territory. The method proved to be a winning one, we hope this is just a prologue to important and fruitful business relationships for everyone “.

“The balance is extremely positive: contracts have been signed in the meat, cheese, jams, saffron, truffle, bread-making, pasta, oil and confectionery sectors – explains Savini -. A continuation of orders for important sums is already foreseen. In short, a front has opened with the rich Arab market with the concrete opportunity for many companies to overturn production quantities and significantly increase turnover, think of the producers of saffron dop from L’Aquila, those of truffles and dairies. . In B2B, important relationships have been established between the Arab world and small and medium-sized enterprises in Abruzzo “.