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4 brilliant sentences by the writer Josep Pla that the chef Ferran Adrià has painted


Chef Ferran Adrià has illustrated the book with oil paintings, toothpicks and ear sticks. Our traditional cuisine, published by the Association of Bibliophiles of Catalonia and the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition. “The goal is to pay tribute to the writer Josep Pla, who has such an important work in our history, and it must be spread,” says the cook.

Ferran Adrià admits that he is not a painter and he does not claim to be. In fact, he states, “I don’t even know how to paint with brushes, which is why I do this with toothpicks and ear sticks.”

The first time the chef at El Bulli restaurant painted, he made in 2012 drawings for himself that illustrate the history of mankind. “They were drawings for me, personal, but due to different circumstances the drawings were eventually displayed in museums like the Picasso,” he says.

Now, on this occasion, the Academy has commissioned him to paint dishes from the gastronomy described by the writer Josep Pla, and he has not refused. “I did not reject it because I myself am the one who insists on the Academy that this outreach must be done,” says the cook, who adds that he is surprised at how his drawings have been received.

“I insist, I am a cook who has painted without any pretense,” Ferran Adrià repeated again and again. So little pretense that it is by no means possible that the drawings can be sold, which is why they have all been donated to the Vila Casas Foundation.

We show you some of them, with the phrases highlighted in the book by Josep Pla. The work has a limited edition of 400 copies. “A rarity for collectors, which in a few years’ time will be very valuable,” describes the cook. The book is accompanied by an introduction by the writer Jaume Fàbrega, who has made the selection of texts.

Snails. “The snails themselves have a great taste, they have a great harmlessness. The snails would be very small if they were not underlined by vinaigrettes, alliolis, all kinds of spicy sauces, tomatoes, spices. […] There is an obvious tendency to believe that screws can be added to anything. In fact, it’s the opposite – it’s the things that add to the screws. “


Corball. “The best fish on the coast and in the Mediterranean is, in my modest opinion, the corolla, a fish that is quite unknown, and which is not abundant, but is loved by many who know it. […] The corolla is so good, it has lost the taste of fish. “

Anchovy spine / FERRAN ADRIÀ


Beans. “I do not think that beans have been cooked anywhere as fascinating as in our country anywhere in the world. I think two statements can be made: as well as the Mallorca bean fields, under the blossoming almond trees, form one of the best landscapes you can see, beans cooked in Catalan are the highest quality yield formula to which they can be subjected: the formula: to cook four kilos of beans in Catalan you need fifty grams of bacon , fifty grams of white sausage, fifty grams of black sausage, a tablespoon of butter, an onion, a sprig of mint, the corresponding portion of salt, a powder of sugar and a drop of stale wine. “

Mint bean salad / FERRAN ADRIÀ


Bread with tomato. “In summer, one of the things that is most successful on these shores is tomato bread, which in my teenage years used to be given to children for a snack in summer, in those families who didn’t they came to give bread with chocolate. Now bread with tomato is very successful. The oil in it should be good, slightly acidic. In our days, people have little soup – a fuck and down: with tomato bread, an omelet or a slice of ham, they have already had dinner. It is the facilities provided by the tomato in the current diet that explains its diffusion […]. “

Bread with tomato / FERRAN ADRIÀ




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